Ted, A Park Bench, Chocolate And Incomplete!

Ted, A Park Bench, Chocolate And Incomplete!

I did this session this afternoon before Blogger went down:

I’m told to put on the song “Incomplete” by the Backstreet Boys and start the session. I am immediately taken as an observer to a cobblestone street. I can see me, as I am today, walking along, with my hands in my pockets. I have on a short sleeve shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I look happy, but I don’t know why I’m walking by myself. I stop at a park bench, by a lake and sit down. The air is a bit cool, but it is such a beautiful day. I don’t think anything could spoil my mood I don’t know — it’s hard to explain, but the energy I’m giving off tell me (the observer me) that I’m very happy. And honestly, I have never had a time when I was just happy, so this energy coming from me, while exciting, is foreign to me – the observer.

I place my arm up on the bench, put my head back and close my eyes. Within seconds, Ted sits down next to me with these chocolate things on sticks. They are delicious. I can’t explain what I see except to say I have never witnessed either one of us this happy in all the visions I have every had – up to today. Observer me can’t help but smile, the happiness is contagious. Up on my right, is observer Ted. He wraps his arms around my waist and says, I told you. Told me what? I ask. That I’d make you happy. I’ll love you forever Allie Cat, no matter what the time or place. I’ll do everything I can not to let my human stupidly screw this up. You see, without you, I’m incomplete.

I smile at him, I can see in his eyes that he means and feels everything he says. I can also feel this ledge, a level – that a part of me will not let me pass. So instead of replying in the same manner in which I am spoken to, I ask – Where’s Bill? Ted shakes his head and focuses my attention on “us” on the bench. He’s not there either – Ted replies. We’re supposed to work together – I comment. Ted nods, of course and we do. But that there – he turns my attention again to the two on the bench – is something he will not give. I can hear a noise off in the distance. Ted looks at me and smiles — see you soon. And with that he’s gone.

I turn my attention to us again on the bench. We are a mess eating these chocolate things, but neither of us seems to really care. All we do is laugh at one another because of the amount of chocolate we keep getting on ourselves! We’re worse than kids! But we’re having fun. The more we laugh, the more chocolate we get on ourselves, which in turn makes us laugh harder! We’re friends, really good friends that feels comfortable with one another. It’s nice – really nice.

I look off to my left and there is Galadriel. She smiles and waves her hand. The scene before me disappears. She tells me that I have much work to accomplish and not to let the future worry me so. Focus in on the present and the future will take care of itself. She assures me that the end of 2006 will be much better than the end of 2005, provided I keep working.

And with that I’m done.

I feel weird. I mean really strange — it is like my soul got a boast of happiness. My inside is a happy clam, even if my outside really isn’t right now (not that I’m unhappy either, I’m just kind of here). I can feel Ted as if he were right in front of me. This is strange, very strange. I did take a new, large, combo of flower essences today. I wonder if this has any baring on it? I’ll note how the rest of today goes and into the night. If my dreams reveal any indication of anything. Last night my dreams showed me that even if I die (I was dead in my dream) that I can still contact the living — and I was shown a large mirror. Hummm……don’t like the me being dead part – but I am chalking that up to a part of my life dying and not me – because I was worried about my son, but not so much….can’t really explain it!

At least I understand why I was to play that song.

Off to go get my son at school…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

PS: Since I did this session, my body is dead tired from being up since 4:00 am, but that happy feeling is still there – so much so that it tickles my tummy like a roller coaster ride!

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