Ted, a Mill, a Crystal Cavern and a New Guide!

Ted, a Mill, a Crystal Cavern and a New Guide!

I’m jumping in solo – without the wand – as instructed to do (again) by Brigit. The message I’m getting is that I am to sit with my hands on the keyboard and just type away. Let’s pray the spell check does its job! So here goes…..what a lovely field I’m in – so many flowers, yellow white..but mostly purple. Actually lavender – what a surprise (not really). I look to my right and there is a woman there – with shoulder length blond hair – her hair looks like it is flowing in the wind – but I don’t feel a breeze. She extends her hand and her name is Hanna – she is a guide of mine who has been waiting in the background until I was ready for her. Her eyes are unreal – one is blue and one is green. It’s hard to look at both eyes at the same time – she says that my perception of the eyes will change over time and I will not notice a difference. I feel that this is also a meaning towards Bill and Ted – that they will merge so tightly that it will no longer matter “who” I’m with – at least spiritually they will be one. This is the message I’m hearing – from somewhere but not from Hanna.

I ask Hanna why are we here and what is she to help me with? She tells me to take her hand. I do.. We are flying high above the flower fields – the yellow, white, and purple flowers look very beautiful from up above – there are little patches of red here and there – scattered throughout. We land outside of what reminds me of a old flour mill – has the water wheel and all – but the outside is brick. She opens the door and motions for me to go inside.

I do and I’m not in a mill – but a home – a one room home with a fireplace, a queen size bed. Although the outside of the building looked like it hadn’t been taken care of – the inside looked just fine – like its in use. Nothing broken – no webs – nothing. It’s lived in and looks very cozy. I see the back door opening and through it is Ted. He’s dressed in a red flannel shirt, jeans, boots – his hair is long, he has a beard and moustache. He looks up – sees me and grins. Comes over and says “Hi Allie” – give me a big kiss. His whiskers tickle my face. His lips are very cold. He gives me a bare hug. Before I forget – he entered with his arms full of wood – he put the wood down and then came over to me – taking of his gloves as he moved closer. I look at the walls and I now see pictures – sketches of various items. Tear drops, spirals, a crystal, the water wheel, a castle, lips, what looks like my eyes (and my lips too I might add).

Hanna is still standing next to me not saying a thing. But Ted doesn’t acknowledge her presence – just mine. Hanna grabs my hand and I see me get pulled from “me”. So who Ted was kissing – talking to was my physical self. Not the energy form for which I entered the mill. Before Hanna and I leave I ask why did she bring me here? She replies – so that I would stop worrying. Unfortunately, I don’t know which worry she is referring to – the worry on how Ted is now (as he looks and feels like hell) or the worry about the conflicting views on either Bill or Ted – which worry? (SIGH)

I’m still confused as she pulls me through the wall and into a large crystal cavern. This is something straight out of a book I was writing. It’s massive – with shimming crystals all around. Off to the side is a small lake. I can see my breath in here – but I’m not cold. This place has amazing energy. Hanna asks if this is familiar and I mention about the story I was writing. She then asks when I wrote the story – did this place seem familiar then? I said yes. But I still don’t know where I’m at. She says that it will come in time – stop trying to push it. What kind of guide are you – I ask???
She says that she is to help me with what has been, what is now and what will be so that I focus on the present. There have been many guides before her who have stressed how important is that I get my work done – yet I’m not done. Okay – so why this cave – why are we here?

She tells me to go look at the water. I do. Lean closer she says – I do. Then she pushes me in. Something is pulling me down – some unseen force. I’m trying not to panic. I can hear her say for me to stop struggling. I do and I land at the bottom. I can feel soon that my air is going to give out so I am looking around to see what it is I’m supposed to see so I can get back up there. I see in the corner – buried almost to the top a container of sorts – hard to describe but I see silver, copper and gold on it – each is a round ball. It has been here for awhile. I’m trying to remove the white sand from around this when I can sense that it is time for me to resurface. I do.

I ask Hanna what is that object? She says I cannot get it out alone. That I need Bill and Ted to help. Only with the three of us will it allow itself to be removed. I asked her why is there no growth down there – no plants, no fish, no nothing. She says that it is a sacred place.

She points to a stone on the floor. She tells me to pick it up and study it. It is green and white – well it’s a crystal – smooth with green inside of it. She tells me that I have this spirit that I need to find it and keep it close to me. I tell her – not sure if I have it. She says I do – but I have forgotten. Just like I’ve forgotten the other information of old.

With that she tells me that I’ve seen enough for one day. That she wants me done with my books – the current one (book) by this weekend. All the writing. It HAS to be done and she is so strong about that – this has to be done. She says that I’ve been given enough warnings – there are no excuses.

With that I come back and here I am.

Let me say….boy I need spell check. Hold on a sec! I might add that this session lasted about 40 minutes unlike the usual 15 with I meditate.

Okay – looking back over what I wrote. The castle that Ted drew was the same castle I’ve had in my other visions of the place where I have a clinic in another 10 years.

I did find the stone Hanna said I had. She’s right – had forgotten all about this one. It’s a lithium-included quartz with one striated crystal inside and it looks as if it has some yellow/gold stuff along inside of it – the main crystal also has another smaller crystal inside (so it makes two – for a total of three crystals – interesting…no?) that has rainbows in it. You know- the more I look at it – the more I realize that this is the crystal that Ted had sketched and was up on the wall.

The floor of the crystal cavern had white sand or dirt on it. The whole place just sparkled like there was an unseen light source in there and the crystals were reflecting the light.

Okay – that’s about it!

Friday is the funeral – so I will not do a session that day. I may do one tomorrow or on Sat – I haven’t decided yet. I guess we’ll see what calls out to me.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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