Ted, A Hangover And Me!

Ted, A Hangover And Me!

I’ve had too much information coming my way today – too much! So much so that I cannot decipher it all. I can’t tell if Bill and Ted are in the states or not. I thought Ted was in London, but now it feel like Texas. I thought Bill was in the states, but now it feel the Netherlands or Denmark — so I don’t have a clue. Think of yourself on a roller coaster and you’re speeding down the 1st hill – that is how information is coning at me today. As far as those two are concerned, I’m having a hard time separating fact (their physical location) from what they could be thinking about (which could be another location). This all stems after I woke up and felt like I got beat up by 2 x 4. I did – I felt like I had a full blown hang over without the booze to back it up. The headache, shakes, tummy ache, body ache, overall irritability. As I was on my walk I’m like – enough is enough. With my Archangel support (Michael and Raphael were there) I asked them to get all of the drunken Ted stuff that his energy was nice enough to share with my energy. So we worked on it – removing all of the yuck and replacing it with light — and then sending light to Ted. By the time mid morning it – I was as good as normal.

Speaking of normal, I really am a dork. But at least I admit it. I spent part of the morning taking picture of me. Yes – there ARE pictures that exist that are not the standard “Allie” picture – LOL! I’m going to get myself a spiritual portrait down, so I was trying to get a picture of me that showed my shoulders and head – but without me flipping off the camera or making a face. I asked my sisters to find me such a pic and they both laughed – my parents – same thing…I was asked if a grade school picture would work! HA! So I took my own darn picture today. After 50 or so – and a sore arm from holding the camera out – I found one that would work. So the picture you see here is me, with hardly any make up on (I really don’t wear any anyways), tired, messy hair — no touch ups…it’s just me:) When I get the portrait back, I’ll post it too to show you. This picture is the 1st one I smiled in without making a face or anything else in over 10 years (that wasn’t a promo picture for something or my wedding). Picture taking, something outside my comfort zone. But my guides keep harping on me (in a very nice way) that I best get used to it. No time like the present.

My poor son had nightmares with Ted in it last night. My son kept trying to protect Ted with a sword – to fend off the bad guys. Bill was there helping my son. He wakes up at 5:00 am and tells me – mom, just go get Ted I need some sleep! LOL! I assured him that if it were that easy I would. He says – it is that easy mom. Kids.

I’m going to try a session later today, after I pick my son up from school. Right now I cannot quiet my mind down enough to get centered. I’m thinking to much about the stuff I need to get done:)

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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