Taurus Full Moon Spell

Taurus Full Moon Spell

Want to harness the power of prosperity and abundance? Use the Taurus full moon to take advantage of this fertile period. 

Taurus Full Moon Spell

Do this before the full moon is overhead.


  1. Two glass bowls. 1 medium and 1 small.
  2. Spring water
  3. Stones for what you wish to power up. Example: rose quartz = love, tiger’s eye = prosperity. Check out this site for more help: https://crystal-cure.com/gemstone-meanings.html
  4. Plastic wrap.
  5. Funnel (optional)
  6. Bottle with lid.


  1. Fill the medium bowl 1/3 with spring water.
  2. In your charging hand (the hand you write with), place the stone/s. Close your eyes and imagine what your life will be like once the power enters into the sections of your life where you want it to flow to. FEEL your new life. EXPERIENCE the emotions. This is crucial – your intentions NEED an emotional anchor. Once you can no longer feel the emotions – your intentions are in  the stone/s.
  3. Place the stone/s into the small glass bowl.
  4. Put the smaller bowl into the larger bowl.
  5. Cover the bowls with plastic wrap.
  6. Sit the covered bowls in the light of the full moon.
  7. Leave it there for 3 days undisturbed.
  8. Once the 3 days are up – remove the plastic wrap & take the smaller bowl out of the larger bowl. Set aside.
  9. Put the funnel into the bottle and pour in the charged water.
  10. Cap & refrigerate.
  11. Drink a 1/4 cup daily until gone. As you drink the water, imagine (and feel) your life with that power in it.

You can carry the stones with you or place them in your environment for an extra push.


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