Summer Solstice Sex Magic

Summer Solstice Sex Magic

Summer Solstice arrives tomorrow, Friday June 21, in all its splendid glory. The summer solstice on its own is a very powerful day/night. It radiates with 360 degree vibrancy every year all day and all night. Add to it though, this year the Super Moon on Sunday June 23 (the effects of the moon can be felt three days prior and after) so the energy will POP on the solstice — and you have a manifestation goldmine at your disposal.

So whatever you do — DO NOT waste the energy of the next three days!

I wrote a post on the benefits of raising your sexual energy via magic and how it supercharges manifestation.

Can you imagine the power you will have if you combine:

  1. Summer Solstice
  2. Super Moon
  3. Sexual Energy

Holy Toledo Batman — it would fricken rock!!

It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or if you’re flying solo you can take advantage of this.

You can increase your sexual energy by either:

  • Partner sex
  • Masturbation
  • OBE sex

Or a combination! Be creative!

Summer Solstice Sex Magic


  1. Before you can jump into the spell, you have to know what you want. What do you want? Narrow it down to one area. You want to attract new love? More prosperity? More clients? More money? Be specific on what you want, without being specific on how you get it. For example: you want to attract a true love who is your best friend, emotionally available, and financally sound. You DO NOT ADD – and I meet him/her by the end of 2013 at work or while I’m on vacation. He/she lives in my town and attends my church. That last part is way too specific and will put a crimp on what you want. What if he/she lives outside your town? Well you just messed that up — didn’t you? So trust me on this — be specific but not that specific.
  2. Now that you know what you want, you can either: write it down, find a picture or object that represents it.
  3. Take an orange candle, dress it with ginger oil (9 strokes up and 9 strokes down starting in the middle of the candle) and roll it in either orris root or powdered sugar. Don’t have time to get an orange candle or ginger oil? Any colored candle and olive or vegetable oil will do. Place it in a candle holder if needed.


  1. Friday night when the moon is in the sky, place the item representing what you want next to the place where you will have an orgasm.
  2. Put the candle in front of the paper/object and light it.
  3. Engage in sex.
  4. At the point of orgasm, put your thoughts on what you want to manifest. If need be – for focus – look at the candle and watch the flame.
  5. After orgasm, close your eyes and imagine that what you want is already come to pass. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in your imagination. FEEL the emotions (important to do) associated with having your desire.
  6. Let the candle (safely) burn down.
  7. Take the melted wax and the object/paper/picture and wrap them in a an object of your clothing.
  8. Place the wrapped package in your underwear drawer.
  9. Forget about it (seriously – don’t think about the spell from this point on – especially if you are a worrier).

Keep your thoughts and actions positive over this high-energy weekend! You’ll be happy with the results!

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