Summer Solstice Love Magic

Summer Solstice Love Magic

Summer Solstice is tomorrow (Wed June 20) and it is jam packed full of magical energy! Monica Davis and I will be discussing what stones/crystals to use to make the most of this energy tonight on the Allie Theiss Show.

What can you do to use this powerful energy to your advantage?

A few tips:

  1. Burn Frankincense to remove any negative energy and to uplift the energy that is there.
  2. Keep your thoughts focused in on positive changes – a positive life. I cannot stress enough how important this is at this time. Thoughts turn into things = things turn into your reality. 
  3. If you have a moldavite (the stone of powerful change) – wear it or carry it on you. If you do not have one and cannot get one – carry/wear a quartz crystal.

I have been working with magic since I was a little kid. I’ve had great teachers along the way – bringing out my natural gift – and have been blessed to have Merlin (I use that name so you understand whom I’m talking about, but it is not the name he and I use) in my corner as well as many of the original Starseed People .

In the Fall I’m going to offer an advanced webinar in magical intentions (AKA spells). I’m really looking forward to it as it’s a technique I haven’t seen taught very much. I’d like to give you a small taste now – with a simple love magic spell.

  1. Sit comfortable someplace where you will not be disturbed.
  2. In the background, burn Frankincense, Sandalwood or Sage.
  3. If you have a bell – ring it several times. If you do not, clap your hands instead. This is to break up any stale energy.
  4. Close your eyes and IMAGINE a RED CANDLE in front of you. “Pour” into the candle your thoughts of whatever it is in love you need: new love, repair old love, have a lover return, etc….When your thoughts of this love no longer populate your mind, your thoughts have poured into the candle.
  5. “Light” the candle.
  6. Behind it, watch your life as you live it with the happiness you encountered by receiving what you want. Do this for as long as you can hold that image.
  7. Break your concentration and let the scene go from your mind.
  8. Every few minutes, “check in” on the RED CANDLE and see how far it has burned down. Do this check-in until the candle no longer burns.

Yes – that is a simple spell:) No – there are no actual items used (no actual candle or flame) but the incense you burn in the beginning.

Whoot — this is allll good 🙂

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