Stuff, Ted And A New One Named Jo!

Stuff, Ted And A New One Named Jo!

I’ve never been able to understand it. The days that I do not post anything are the days when the most people visit. Does that make sense to you? Me neither.

The last week has been difficult. I still have this cold that insists that I cough up a lung and my husband has the mother of all sinus infections. They did a CAT scan on his sinus area a little over a week ago and the ER doctor said he’s never seen so many notes come back from the radiologist. He had 3 pages of notes on his sinus instead of the normal few lines. He’s so infected that they can’t tell what’s going on inside of there until they can get some of the infection gone. And let me tell ya – that gunk isn’t leaving without a fight. Yesterday he went to the ear, nose , throat specialist and it isn’t good. Not good at all. He is having surgery done on the 13th so that they can determine what is growing inside of his sinus. Until then the man can move from point A to point B and that’s about it. So between the two of us – I haven’t gotten much sleep at all – and my lungs are really starting to hurt from all the coughing. I have no fever – nothing else is wrong (except for the drainage) so the doc says there isn’t much to be done for me except to wait it out. Same for the kid. So I have extra home duty. This is where I’ve been for the last 10 days.

Monday night’s chat at The L Word on Second Life went really well. I have such a good time at the events and meet such interesting people. If you haven’t stopped by yet, it’s all free, all you have to do is sign up and download the software. There is a catch though – you have to have DSL or Broadband to log on. Look me up on there – I’m Alison Ashby!

I answered two ads this past week on people looking for female erotica writers. I thought – right up my alley — perfect! Boy was I wrong — they didn’t want a writer, what they wanted is a woman who could have sex with someone while they watched and took notes. So I turned down both of their well-paying, but not for me, jobs.

On the way to taking my son to school last Monday there was a really nice snowfall happening. It was the perfect snowfall,the kind you see in the movies. Well I wasn’t paying attention and I wiped out in front of his school. Nothing broken, but my right arm killed me for days.

Monday, Feb 26th, was the 6th anniversary of the “Ask Allie” column! The podcast turned a year old last December! This blog will head into year 3 this month! I tried to look back to see how many pages I have to this blog -and it’s around 600 right now. I decided to check after I got an email the other day about when I was going to come out with my soul mate book. I hope soon – after the one I want to write on astral sex. So many ideas — so little time.

Ted has been around so much lately. Not the annoying in your face – but right there so that I can feel his energy without him being intruding. When I ask what he’s doing – he only replies – just observing. There have been a ton of flash visions with him that I can’t really grasp. Just tiny glimpses of scenes like wallpaper with roses on them, a Victorian high-back chair, a large hedge maze, goblets, laughter, fun, love, happiness, pain, anger, separation. I haven’t had a flash vision that has anything to do with forgiveness, which I for some reason find very odd. Maybe that’s what this current life is for. He’s always so determined he is going to make me happy – that he loves me more than anyone could ever love. Maybe he’s supposed to take care of me so that I forgive him for the past. SHRUG. I don’t have a clue. When I ask my guides about it I never hear anything back — which means I’m not supposed to know.

I had an interesting dream last night about this woman, I’ll call her Jo, who I have found out is in my soul circle. She’s a gorgeous woman in real life – simply gorgeous, and in this dream I’m in her house just staring at her. She jokes about is there something on her face and I laugh and tell her that I can’t believe I’m sitting here. I hand her a piece of paper and on it is all about Bill, Ted and Will. She looks at me and says am I one? I tell her yes you are — it’s you, me and a whole bunch of testosterone. She gave me a great big smile and couldn’t believe her luck. She was so happy to be part of our circle. Her partner is her soul mate – so I we talked about how he fits into our soul circle because I’ve never felt he was part of it, but he must be if they are soul mates. And she said that she has felt that he and Will were part of her soul circle, but never felt Bill and Ted (or me) so there you go.

Jo then showed me around her huge place – I asked where her better half was with the kids and she said they were out. But in this house there were so many people in there – some with their hair up in curlers, others were getting make up on, while others where trying on clothes. I felt almost if I were on a movie set. I asked Jo if she took care of all these people and she said yes. I asked why. She replied that someone had to. As she opened this huge vertical case of make-up & beauty supplies – I noticed how dusty everything was. I told her that these people were talking advantage of her generosity. She giggled and called me a worry wart. Then I woke up.

One big thing I remember about the dream is that she was sp pleased to be part of our soul circle. So happy – that she glowed. You know, the kind of glow a pregnant woman would have – that kind of glow.

I think that I’m going to head to bed. It’s early I know. But I am is dang tired that I don’t think I care.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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