12 Holiday Stress Buster Tips

12 Holiday Stress Buster Tips

The holiday season is supposed to be fun and full of cheer! But lots of times it’s too stressful or depressing of a time. We overload ourselves with too many responsibilities, too many gifts to buy and too many cookies to make. Does anyone really need another gift? Is anyone going to remember the gifts 25 years from now?

Personally when I look back on my past holiday seasons, I really don’t remember any of the gifts, what I remember is time spent with family and friends.

Then we have people who are no longer in our lives because of death, divorce or even distance. The season can be too painful to deal with when the ones you love the most are not by your side.

So how can someone cope with all of this?

Allie’s Holiday Season Stress Buster List

  1. Call, write, email or txt one person a day, every day, between now and Jan 1 2012. This person has to be someone you have not seen in at least 5 years.
  2. Help out at a charity for the elderly, children or those in need. This holiday season, there are sooooo many people in need.
  3. Adopt an adult cat or dog from your local shelter.
  4. Only bake up to 5 sets of cookies.
  5. Make homemade items for gifts.
  6. As a gift – give a gift certificate for your time (baby sitting, errands, lawn mowing, etc…)
  7. Wear or carry an Amethyst.
  8. Sniff or place in an oil diffuser – Lavender oil.
  9. Downplay the amount of red you wear as it promotes aggravation. It also promotes passion, but the goal is to downsize the stress. Instead go for the calming colors of blue, turquoise or the energy colors of yellow or orange.
  10. In the East section of your Living Room, place a Rhodocrosite surrounded by 6 Quartz Crystals. It can be out of site so no one knows it’s there but you.
  11. Go slow on the alcohol intake. A glass or two is fine to unwind, but if you go further than that you will make things worse.
  12. Watch the sweets. Some is fine. But remember what goes up will come down and a sugar crash makes people tired, mean and stressed out. So limit your crash.

Now you do not have to do all 12 items. But the more you do, the less stress you will have this holiday season.

Allie 🙂

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