Stress, A Decision And Destiny!

Stress, A Decision And Destiny!

I’m under a pile of deadlines, not sleeping, eating too much….sigh…I have a dog (Brodie) getting his mouth and a cyst operated on today, a 10 year old cat (Samantha) who insists she is a kitten and refuses to leave me alone, another dog (Indy) who is constantly whining as he misses Brodie, another cat (Trouble) who insists that my house is his litter box and last — but not least…my son is graduating from Preschool this week. This means a new outfit, hair cut….and he’ll be home a lot more which mean I’ll have a harder time getting any work done.

I’ve been so overwhelmed that I forgot about a function I have to attend Thursday night for my son. So I had to move the Unlocking Your Psychic Senses workshop to the 18th which made the Contacting Angels and Spirits workshop move to June 1st. SIGH.

So, in light of all this, I decided to sit with my very calming elestrial smoky amethyst today. I’m immediately taken into a room where Bill and Ted sit opposite one another . Ted in a chair and Bill on a couch. Bill’s clasped hands are out in front of him, head down. Ted is leaned back in the chair rubbing his chin. Neither man looks like they shaved in a few days. I hear Ted say – Well? Bill replies, I’ll do it. When? Ted asks. Soon, Bill says placing a small smile on his face. Bill’s eyes look red, mostly I think from no sleep. Ted looks tired too, but not as haggard as Bill. You promise – Ted asks. Bill says nothing but nods. A beautiful smile spreads across Ted’s face. Bill still looks worried, but relieved that he has made a decision about something.

I look off to my right and it’s Jezell. It has been awhile since I’ve seen her in meditation instead of dream time. Without saying a word she takes my hand and leads me through the wall. We exit and we are in a hospital. She takes me to a room, I think we are in a ICU unit and points. I look in and it’s me, hooked up to some machines. I ask her how did I get here and what can I do to prevent it. She grabs my hand and we exit and arrive in the meadow where she tells me to stand still. I do and she waves her hands around me and in that same instant, a full length mirror appears. I can see a lot of black mingled in with my purple, pink and blue aura. I ask her if I had a heart attack because of stress? She nods her head. What do I do not to wind up there. She matter a factly says – ease your stress. How? Start walking again, eat better foods, make time for daily meditation and time for you. Lastly she says – you know what else needs to be done — and this will happen soon, with something that will hit you from left field. Stay focused and finish. Baby steps – all will get done. With that, a beautiful white horse arrives. Jezell tells me to get on and ride to my destiny. I get on and the horse takes off.

We end up at the ocean, walking through the surf. I can smell that ocean smell. The horse stops and I look over – there is the lighthouse I have seen in many previous visions and on the sand – Bill and Ted. I climb down off the horse and am greeted by two big hugs that let me know I’ve been missed. In my mind’s eye, as we hug – flashes of visions pop in my head — I see us huddled around a table, looking at a very old book with leather binding, at the Crystal Cave in Mexico, Aztec ruins and finally just seeing our faces light up as we discover something important.

Then I’m done.

Nice to know my stress will land my butt in the hospital. I keep being told that I have to get my blood pressure down and I guess I’d better.

And on that note — back to work I go — gotta stay focused!

Crystal Sunshine!

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