Strawberries, Sex Toys And Telepathic Sex!

Strawberries, Sex Toys And Telepathic Sex!

Sex…the final frontier. Or so it seems in Allie’s world;) With some of the emails I get I wonder if I’ve set out on an exploration that not many have had the good fortune to discover. I’m convinced that one of my life paths is to teach people how to have better sex lives by utilizing OBE sex. That’s why – I think that I help start Whispers Media, the erotic audio place for women – or why I wrote the sex blogs, tested sex toys, wrote erotica and chatted on the L Word every Monday. Because of this – I have no problem talking to people about orgasms, oral sex, penis, vagina, foreplay, sexual positions and the whole she-bang:) My hope is that through this blog, upcoming book, maybe a podcast/radio show – and weekend workshops – that I can help others.

Keep the questions coming via this blog or my email.

What applies in the physical reality also applies to the OBE reality. The fun tips, sexual positions and even sex toys can be used in the OBE sex world. For example this is what happened with Will and I once during telepathic sex:

I could smell strawberries — I looked down and Will was applying a strawberry scented warming oil to my clit and outer lips. The warming sensation was so real-like that in the physical reality I had to check to see if I really had any on. Will gently rubbed the oil in, down and around – careful not to get any in my vagina. The small movements he had, coupled with the oil – had me wanting more sooner rather than later. He commented that he had something that he wanted to try. I watched with interest as he took the cock ring and turned on the vibrating bullet. A smiled creped across my face as I watched him slide it on his cock.

I could feel the vibration of the cock ring against my clit as he thrust. My physical body responded to the telepathic moves as if he were right here with me. In the telepathic connection, my hands grabbed his waist and urged him to move faster, but he wouldn’t have any of that – he wanted to take his time and savor the moment. Just when I thought neither one of us could handle it any longer — the orgasmic climax was priceless.

So — rule of thumb — if you like to use something in the physical reality – you can take it with you in the OBE reality!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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