Strange Calls, Ted and Aug 28, 2005!

Strange Calls, Ted and Aug 28, 2005!

What a weekend! “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was wonderful – Depp plays a great whacked out Wonka! Sunday I spent the whole day in PA at a family get-together. It was nice to see people that I haven’t been in touch with – at the same time it was heart breaking to see my once active and vibrant 2nd cousin – who is only a few years older than me – trying to beat cancer. He nor his mother believe in anything “supernatural” – so I didn’t approach them with an idea that I could possible help. I am though – going to send him healing light to at least try to help him get through the trials of day-to-day living.

Four times Saturday night and twice Sunday night I received some calls from Billings, MT – no message was ever left – it was as if they called to hear my voice mail. I hope they try again – I’ve never had anyone so persistent try to talk to me, but not leave a message. I have a feeling on who it may be – but I won’t know for sure until I hear their voice.

I spent the time today that I should have been meditating – in a dentist chair. So the usual session I have with Cindy on Monday – will be pushed to tomorrow.

I had a wonderful dream visit with Ted last night. I can’t remember much except that he and I were in a house with many people – one was his girlfriend. Yet he and I were going out of our way to talk to one another and to touch – a brush of a hand or a rub against a leg…you get the picture. Each touch produced an electrical current that made us each feel alive, loved and very happy. I can remember his wonderful smile very vividly after our hands touched. Ted honestly has the best smile of anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to look at. I look forward to seeing that dazzle in person someday!

The book is trucking along – waiting for all to finish their respective jobs and I’ll be able to send it off to be put together! Seeing that Mercury is in retro until the 15th – I probably will not release it until after that. Possible the 19th on a full moon:)

Starting book 2 today – at least making a list of what I want to include!

My sis heads back to CA today. It was nice having her here! I wish she could stuff me in the suitcase and take me with her:) I miss the ocean! She also quit the Polo Lounge – she has 2 weeks left when she gets home. She is going to try to get more personal assistant jobs (she already has one) since that is the reason she moved out there!

The date August 28, 2005 keeps popping up in my mind’s eye. I don’t know why or what it has to do with. I guess we’ll see in 27 days!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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