Welcome To Stranded — Population You!

Welcome To Stranded — Population You!

Living on an island — sounds like paradise doesn’t it? The sun, the surf, the no-annoyance policy (since there is no one but you) — ahhhhh….life is good. Or is it?

How long do you think you’d last on an island with no one but you? Sure Tom Hanks did it in “Castaway” but he had food service and people off camera. So it doesn’t really count. And “Lost” had all those people on it and it still did not end well (dumbest series finale ever – but don’t get me started).

Everyone needs someone. And someone needs everyone.

No one is an island – so why insist on living like one?

It is easy to cut yourself off from the world. A bad relationship knifes you in the heart. A business goes belly up and you lose everything. And my personal favorite – a divorced single mom who is a self-employed psychic sex coach. <— that makes people run for the hills — let me tell you! Psychic or sex coach are lightening rods separately – so is a single mom. But put it all together and I had my own dang island. People dropped away like flies.

Was I content to let it stay that way? I let the sting wear off first — then I began bridge building.

Bridge Building Exercise

(cause you know at some point in time you will find yourself in this spot)

  1. Say this affirmation AT LEAST 3x a day – every day – for 3 months: “I am lovable, fabulous, and worthy of connections that are in my highest good.”
  2. In the morning – or when you wake up- (every day for 3 months), before you start your day, step into a “rainbow”. Close your eyes and imagine a rainbow. Step into the arch, turn to the left or right (doesn’t matter which) and allow the rainbow to close over you. The rainbows is in front, on top, and behind you. Open your eyes and go about your day.
  3. In the evening – or when you go to bed – (every night for 3 months) – step into the shower. Turn the water so that it is as cold as you can comfortable stand. Step under the stream, close your eyes, and imagine that you are standing under a waterfall. As the cold water hits your head and splashes downward, imagine that any negativity (from others or from your own thoughts) are being washed off of you and down the drain.
  4. Pick one day a week. This has to be the same day every week for 3 months. On this day – connect to 1 to 3 people that you have no spoken/emailed/text in over 6 months. You reach out and allow them to make the next move.

The above steps strengthens your energy field and builds the bridges you need for your highest good.



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