Storytelling Programs & Parties

Do You Remember How Happy Storytime Made You?

The stories transported you away to Cinderella’s castle, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, to Thing One and Thing Two.

It brought you happiness – it tickled your imagination – opened up your creativity. 

Storytime doesn’t have to end just because you’re an adult. Stories are for kids and kids at heart alike.


Storytelling Adds A Layer Of Fun To Your Event


Stories…they make the world go around.





A true story based on a person’s life gives you a glimpse behind the scenes.









A fictional story whisks you away to a faraway place, time, or event.





Oral Storytelling Stimulates The Imagination



Instead of dead space on a smartphone, being told what to watch on the TV, or playing video games in another’s vision oral stories make the listeners tap into their imagination and conjure up his or her version of the characters and the location.

Although the story is told to all in attendance the same way, each interpretation of the story is unique.

No two people will imagine a beach or a castle the same way.

Isn’t that cool?

What Type Of Stories Do You Tell?

The story can be well-known,  such as Snow White, or it can be custom written for the event.

It’s completely up to you!


What Type Of Parties Or Programs Will You Attend?

  • Kid’s parties
  • Adult parties
  • Nursing home gathering
  • Library story time
  • School story time
  • Art shows
  • Entertainment venues



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