Let’s Get That Story Out Of Your Head

and onto the nearest screen


The Story

Story To Screenplay Percolator

Take a second and IMAGINE how kick ass it’ll feel once your story is out of your head and in script format.

Feels pretty damn good doesn’t it?

I know it does. No matter how many screenplays I write I still do the happy dance once it’s through its first draft.

I want you to not only do the happy dance but to place in a contest or have your script find it’s way to an agent, manager, or producer. Before any of that can happen, though, you need to get that story out of your head and on paper.

And it can’t be just any story, it has to be one that connects with the gatekeeper and everyone else up the film-making chain. To get that kind of screenplay you have to get the story right from the get-go.

That’s what I’m here for. This is what I love to do.

I help screenwriters to:

1. Brainstorm ideas to flesh out what works and what won’t – saving time & brain cells.

2. Brain dump your ‘spark of genius’ (yes, YOU have a spark!) on story ideas.

3. Organize story ideas-

-become clear on what one you want to use and drill down the concept to a log line.

-develop a beginning, middle, and end to the story

-create story flow with twists and genre-specific must have scenes.

-develop a treatment or outline.

4. Create characters that top talent wants to play the parts.

No matter how great you write, format, or edit your screenplay – if the story doesn’t work the only one to see your work will be your mother.


The Process:

Session 1: 60-minute call to brainstorm your story idea and work it into a logline.

Homework: develop characters that top talent would want to play.

Session 2: 60-minute call to discuss your story arch, story A and story B + the “must have” genre scenes for your story.

Homework: write your screenplay’s outline.

Session 3: 60-minute call to take your outline and flesh out the story & discuss the 180 factor of storytelling.

Homework: write Act One.

Session 4: 60-minute call to go over act one and discuss act two.

Homework: write Act Two.

Session 5: 60-minute call to go over act two and discuss act three.

Homework: write Act Three.

You will send me your completed screenplay, which I will read and provide notes before our last call.

Session 6: 60-minute call to go over your completed screenplay

The process works for:

  • TV scripts
  • Feature screenplays
  • Web series
  • Mini-series

We meet every two weeks.

Price: $295


The Promote


A succulent summary of your script in two lines or less introducing your main character, conflict, and ending.



A brief breakdown of your screenplay: your name, title of screenplay, contact information, genre of screenplay, logline, and three paragraph summary all fitting on one page.

Price $95