Story + Promote

You Have A Story That You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

You tell people your story is your passion. They say it’s your obsession.


All you know is that the characters need a voice and you’re the one to give it to them.

Getting their story right is vital. It has to touch the reader’s soul and send him or her on an emotional journey.

The Story

Which scenario fits you?

Scenario One: The story keeps you up at night. You can see it play out in your head. You’ve jotted down notes. You may have even put some words to paper. However, you can’t move forward. The trouble it’s taking you to get the full story out of your head is driving you flipping nuts.

Scenario Two: You wrote your story. It’s published. You think it’s a work of art. But sales are flat on Amazon or it’s not moving up the movie-making chain. So you spend countless hours, drenched in sweat and tears, trying to rewrite your story so that people notice.

No matter if the story is written or its waiting to see the light of day, your book or film project won’t attract the attention it deserves if the story isn’t crafted to perfection from the start.

Save yourself sweat, tears, and a hefty bar tab by getting your story right from the beginning.

Promote It

You have the perfect story. You may have won a contest or two with it. Amazon may have loved it — for awhile.

Book marketing is a must no matter if you self-publish or are published through one of the big publishing houses. It’s up to you to bring in the sales.

Getting your screenplay in front of the right people takes constant submitting, pushing, revising your logline, one-page, treatment, and screenplay.

Give yourself the advantage by impressing the gatekeeper all the way up to the movie makers from the get-go saving yourself time, frustration, and your alcohol allowance.

Instead of reaching for your dreams – let’s get you TO your dreams!