Story Flow: Writing Non-Fiction

Story Flow: Writing Non-Fiction

I love writing non-fiction books. I may not know everything, but I’d like to think I know a lot about the subjects that bring out my passions.

When a person picks up a non-fiction book, they are either trying to solve a problem or discover something about themselves.

Your book needs to take them through the hunt to their answer. Each person has a different answer as each person evolves differently. However, you need to know what state you want your reader in at the end of the book.

Out of the hundreds of non-fictions books I’ve devoured and the ones that I’ve written, I’ve boiled down the layout of the book to a specific format:

Format of a “How-To” Book

  • Introduction/Story
  • Five to eight chapters on “how-to” with each chapter getting them closer to their answer.
  • Ending
  • What else you can offer them on their journey (books, programs, coaching, etc…)

The above format works. Each chapter takes them a step closer to a breakthrough, which is the answer they need.

Each of the “how-to chapters” also has a format to help a reader get their breakthrough. It’s a VERY simple format.

Format of a “How-To” Chapter

  1. Story
  2. Steps
  3. Exercises

The story shows how either you or your client or friend/relative had the experience or problems that the chapter covers. The steps are how to overcome or expand upon the experience for the reader. Lastly, the exercises allow the reader to try the steps and see the results for themselves. As humans, we need proof that something works – and there is no better proof than personal proof.

What non-fiction do you want to write or love to read? Let me know in the comments below!


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