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Get That Story Out Of Your Head

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 The Story


The Story Percolator

Imagine how awesome you will feel once your story is out of your head and into the world!

We’re going to get the story out of your head, outline it so you can build on it, and create a schedule so you can write AND have a life!

PLUS – you get motivation along the way!

My part with your story:

1. Brainstorming ideas to flesh out what works and what won’t – saving you time & brain cells.

2. Help brain dump your ‘spark of genius’ (yes, YOU have a spark!) on story ideas.

3. Organizing story ideas-

-become clear on what one you want to use.

-develop a beginning, middle, and end to the story.

-create the story flow.

-develop an outline.

-Add in “must have” scenes for your genre.

4. I keep you motivated along the way!

It’s time to knock that story out of your head!



Pre-Call: 60-minute call to brainstorm your story idea & story flow.

Session 1: 60-minute call to work on elevator pitch (short summary) & 3 paragraph summary. You email me the work, I look over it & make suggestions.

Session 2:  60-minute call to work on character development. You email me the work, I look over it & make suggestions.

Session 3:  60-minute call to construct the start of your story. You email me the work, I look over it & make suggestions.

Session 4: 60-minute call to construct the middle of your story. You email me the work, I look over it & make suggestions.

Session 5: 60-minute call to construct the end of your story. You email me the work, I look over it & make suggestions.

By the time we are done, not only will you have a fleshed-out map for your story, but the confidence and motivation to give life to your story.

Theme, plot, dialogue are all structural parts that you will work on after our work on your story. Without the foundation of your story being correct – theme, plot, and dialogue won’t work no matter how great they appear to be.

We meet every two weeks or once a month, depending on your schedule. Unlimited email coaching is available if needed between sessions.

Price: $295

The Story Intensive

6 Hour VIP Intensive +

Take a moment and fantasize that your spark of genius is out of your head and on its way to a full-blown book in eight hours of less! Seriously. See your name on the NY Times bestseller list, check out all the requests for interviews. Moreover, see your book in your hands. How great does THAT feel?

Wouldn’t it feel exhilarating to move forward on your creative project freeing up space for the next creative spark? This is for the author who wants someone to push them, guide them, help them, and support them.

When you need your story out right now

We will cover:

  • Story idea
  • Story outline
  • Story twists
  • Character development
  • Story structure & flow
  • Time management

All from the comfort of your home on Skype or phone.

We will have four 90-min sessions with two 15 min breaks and an hour for lunch.

By the end of our day together, you will be well on your way to writing and launching your book. But the support doesn’t stop that day.


woman-smiling-with-bookSession 1: 90 minutes to brainstorm your idea(s) and create a time organization plan.

Session 2: 90 minutes to talk about your characters & start on the outline.

Session 3: 90 minutes to discuss/work your outline & the must-have scenes you need for your genre.

Session 4: 90 minutes to go over your final story flow, structure, characters & twists.

By the time we are done you will have an outline for your book, the tools and plan to keep you on track.


Aftercare post VIP Intensive:

  1. Two weeks after the intensive, a 60-minute progress check-in and tweeks to your story and/or plan if needed.
  2. Four weeks after intensive, the final 60-minute check-in.
  3. In-between the two check-in’s you have Laser Focus Coaching available that focuses in on a problem in quick 15 min increments as needed per scheduling via email, Facebook, phone, or Skype.


Price: $895


Want to make two payments? Sure thing – click here to contact me and I can set that up for you.



The Promote

Book Marketing: Attracting Your Raving Fans

Everyone can write a book. Anyone can self-publish one. In the sea of literature, of hits and misses, your work needs to stand out.

For your book to sell, you need a plan. A damn good marketing plan. And I can help you put one together.

Based on your genre & reader’s demographic, we will craft a plan to put your book in from of your future raving fans.

You plan can include sections on:

  • Book sales page to let your readers know about your book.
  • An enticement for visitors to become raving fans.
  • Relationship building.
  • Virtual book tours to support the sales of your book.
  • Social media to connect with your fans.
  • Creating a podcast for a personal connection to your readers.

The ideas are endless. What you pick and choose will depend on your personal style and comfort zone.

You gave birth to your baby – now it’s time to release it out into the world for everyone to read. We will customize your marketing based on if this is a new release book or if this is a book you want to sizzle back to life + if you’re a first-time author or a seasoned professional.

The Process

  • A 45-minute call to discuss your book and marketing possibilities.
  • I will create your marketing plan & email it to you.
  • A 45-minute call to go over the plan and answer any questions.


Author Platform: Reeling Them In

Let’s  build your author’s platform (or improve the one you have) and give you the tools to market your books! Because let’s face it, what’s the purpose  of writing if no one sees it?

Imagine that you’ve written the story of your dreams. It’s polished – a beautiful piece of prose. It’s published and on the virtual shelves for people to buy and savor. You wait with baited breath watching your numbers on Amazon.

One person buys (probably your mother) and a few others (your BFFs) then… nothing. Your numbers don’t go up & your story starts to sink into the belly of oblivion.


You cry.

You drink or eat a pint of ice cream…or both.

You scream to the Gods – WHY OH WHY?


You wrote it – but no one bought it.


That’s because no one knows how awesome you are or how kick-ass your spark of genius is! You need an author’s platform and a book marketing plan to announce you and your story to the world.


Trust me – it’ll save your liver, loads of money on wine and hair loss down the road.


Book marketing depends on your author’s platform. Your raving fans need someplace to show up to learn more about you and the book.


Your author’s platform:

  1. Is a “home base” (aka website) to use as the “all-access pass” for your potential raving fans to stop by and find out about you.
  2. Where you create raving fans by building relationships
  3. It shows people why they should give your words a chance.
  4. Creates 1000 raving fans
  5. Rewards your raving fans for their support.


An author’s platform is more than a website – it’s interaction with your fans. It’s where you build trust and relationships. You need your fans. And like any excellent relationship, you want to thank them for showing up!


You need the world to know about your baby – and this is how you’ll do it!


reel2Session 1: 45-minute call on specific steps to build your author’s platform. If you already have an author’s platform, it will be evaluated and suggestions given for improvement.

Session 2: 45-minute call, 2 weeks after our first call,  Discuss initial findings on your plan in action, iterate what doesn’t work and build on what is working.

Session 3: 30-minute call for a follow-up on your author’s platform.

We can meet each week or bi-weekly, depending on your schedule. In-between sessions.

Price: $195