Spirits, Merlin, Power And Astral Travel!

Spirits, Merlin, Power And Astral Travel!

I have been trying since this morning to do my podcast. But the spirits that are in my room just will not leave. They are really screwing with the recording equipment and my head — I have a killer of a headache. I’ve asked if they want something and nothing is said. I have left on the recording equipment to see what it can pick up. I do not have the fine tuning equipment needed to hone in on something. When I listen back I hear different levels of that humming sound and intermitted with static. So I’ll try one more time before I pick up my son — if it is still too much it will either have to go as is or wait until tomorrow.

BTW…between the paranormal being in my office and the cold weather — I am freezing here! My personal heater is cranked, I’m in layers and I still shiver. Grrrrr…..

Speaking of paranormal, it reminds me of orbs. When my husband and I took our son to the “Polar Express”, we took a bunch of pictures…and many of them have orbs in it! Not since last Christmas has my camera picked up orbs around me and my son. It’s really very cool. I wonder if this Christmas will bring them out once again? I guess we’ll see!

That darn podcast is bugging me. I’m going to go record it regardless – and I’ll be right back…

Okay, I recorded the podcast with that dang buzzing noise all the way through!

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I have been working on improving my thought process. It is important to me that I have my inner thoughts reflect the life I want to lead. No more are negative thoughts allowed to enter my mind. When they do, I immediately acknowledge that thought and the emotions associated with it — and whisk it away. In its place I bring in a positive thought. This is not an easy process – but it has been an eye open for me to realize how many negative thoughts flitter through my mind on any given day. They seem to spring out of no where and just take up space as one bad thought attracts another and so forth. But this also applies to positive thoughts — like attracts like. I’m retraining my mind. You should give it a try!

I’m looking forward to being on, A GLIMPSE THROUGH THE VEIL WITH GABREAEL, come Wednesday. She and I will be discussing astral travel and astral sex from 9 – 10 pm EST. Listen in: http://www.easternparanormal.com/Paranormal_Radio_Show_A_Gli.html. If you remember, Gabreael is someone who I’ve had multiple readings with over the last couple of years. She’s a great gal and very insightful!

Merlin has been wanting to talk with me again. I can hear him calling my name…..

I am underwater…I break the surface and I can see a cave a short distance away. I swim to it. The water I find is rather warm, strange as the air is very cool. I stay in the water into deep inside the cave and get out. There is a towel for me to dry off. I do and proceed up a staircase carved from stone. This staircase is circular. I wind up in Merlin’s magical room (for lack of a better title), the same place I was at last time. He greets me and asks if I would like any tea. I say no, I have coffee waiting for me back at home. I ask why he summoned me??

You are making good strides. Finally, you have accepted your gifts and have proceeded towards your destiny. Have you noticed that things are more positive, more centered? Yes I reply — but I have also noticed that more spirits are coming into my office – making it hard for me to work. It’s your power Merlin says. If you do not want them in at certain times, you have to learn how to create a barrier. But I know how to do a barrier. Not one strong enough — now that you have accept who you are and your path, your power has grown making more spirits come to you for advice. You have to build a stronger wall. Is there something that I have to do that I have not done? Yes — your two windows are protected with the crystals – but your door is not. You must place a crystal in your doorway.

Okay – I will do that tonight. Good – Merlin says. Next what you have to do is to keep working on your thought process and add back in your energy exercises. Adapt them to better serve you. There is no need for me to tell you how — follow your instinct. Merlin grabs my hand and traces a triangle on my palm. Now go back and continue to work, Merlin says.

And that’s it.

Now my left hand is tingly and very hot. I can feel an great deal of energy in that hand — which is traveling through my body to my right hand. Not both hands are red and burning up. Very interesting indeed. I wonder what doors this will open up?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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