The Spiral Spell

The Spiral Spell

A spiral goes up and a spiral goes down. It never stops. There isn’t a misstep. Each step takes you to the next level and if you go down you go up and if you go up you go down. A spiral goes in and a spiral goes out. It’s the door of life. It centers and focuses a person. It’s the door of progress.

How can the spiral help you along your path? You could walk a labyrinth. But they are not always available.

You need:

  • Small shoebox lid filled with sand or a paper and a pen
  • 9 small pieces of paper (and a pen if you are using sand)
  • 9 crystals
  • Powdered sugar or orris root


  • On the 9 pieces of paper – write 9 goals down – 1 on each paper.
  • If you are using sand – draw a spiral with your finger. If using paper/pen draw a spiral.
  • On 9 separate places on the spiral – place 1 piece of paper in each spot.
  • Place a crystal on each piece of paper.
  • Give yourself a few minutes and allow yourself to imagine each goal manifesting. FEEL the emotions associated with reaching each of the goals.
  • Sprinkle the powered sugar or the orris root over the spiral/crystals/paper.

Place the spiral out of the way so that it will not be disturbed. Once you reach a goal, remove the paper/crystal from the spiral. Once all the papers/crystals are removed. Either burn the paper or bury the sand.

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