Spidey Sense, Change And The Gang's All Here!

Spidey Sense, Change And The Gang's All Here!

You have all heard of Spiderman right? He has his spidey sense when he senses something is about to happen. Well, Allie’s spidey sense is on overdrive. My nerves are hanging out on the outside of my body and are posed and ready to assimilate any information that comes their way. I can tell something is about to happen. I can smell it. I don’t know what – don’t know if it’s good or bad — I just know that something major is about to happen. Now is this major something that affects me or people as a whole? Good question. I know that it severely affects me. But the sense I get about affecting other people — is mixed. Quite possibly by the trickle down affect. So this whatever will happen to me – and then based on what I do – then other people are effected. I feel greatly affected. Damn, I wish I could pull in more.

What I can see are round shiny silver balls, almost like solid silver spheres. Some are large, others are very small and can zing across the room. No, I have no clue what in the heck that means. But there is also a red liquid and a white tarp or blanket? The color green is everywhere and it all feels so sterile. For some reason I can see Will. He’s sitting in a seat and his hands are reaching for me. The seat reminds me of one you would see in the Space Shuttle or maybe in a Virtual Reality simulator. Speaking of which, can you imagine having the rooms they did on Star Trek where anything was possible – any world, any person, any situation and it was all so real like. What were those rooms called? I’m drawing a blank. But just imagine being able to pay to be in a room where all of your fantasies could come true – if even for a short time. Humm…you know who I’d have in there — Sawyer from LOST. Good God that man is hot:) Just a few hours and I’d be on a high that may last weeks:)

Okay, reel me back in — now where was I? Oh yes, Will. He wants me to sit in the seat next to him and hold his hand. Hummm….then there’s nothing. Now I can see lights – going off everywhere to a point where it really makes me squint to see. I can hear my name being yelled out -someone or something wants my attention. Will and I are on — Oprah? Huh? What in the heck are we doing there? He and I are sitting on stage discussing something about our connection — I’m not able to see or hear any more.

Brigit comes over from the right and asks me if I’m okay. I tell her that I’m great. She says – you said you were ready. I reply – yes I am – let it begin. She smiles and says that she knew Jezell would be able to talk to me. She fades and Larry appears! I’m so happy to see him! And by that wicked smile, he’s happy to see me too. He tells me that whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, to call out to him and he will make sure to calm the energies around me. He swears that nothing will happen to me. Now John appears next to him – the men shake hands and Larry goes.

John and I are in a cave. I should be freezing, but I’m not. He and I are talking about a few things and I looked at him and asked if at any time in any life if we’ve slept together? He stops thinks about it for a second, then says no. I said good. He smiles and says that sleeping with me would be like sleeping with his sister – and we both agree that it’s a yuck! We find that part funny and yet refreshing that we never will have to worry about a physical relationship in bed. He says that it has always been his job to protect the circle and it’s a job that he does not take lightly. He goes on to tell me that I will need the most of his protection over the next several months and he will be at my call – while Will, Bill and Ted will be there to love me. I ask if he knows what in the hell is about to happen that everyone is coming up to me? That is when Peter and Clive arrive. Wow – do the two of them look good. I ask them the same sex question that John and I were just talking about — and they both gave me the same sister comment. Good:) So with all three there – I had to ask them what is going on. I am assured that no one knows. Except that I will be going through change and a very stressful time.

Great — I think — more stress, just what I need. I am told – by Peter – that although this will be stressful, I am assured that it will turn into good stress in time.

And with that everyone gives me a kiss and they are gone.

Boy- that was odd. Telling you what I was seeing via visions and then getting pulled into a session all with interruption. What a flow I had going.

So, am I going to worry about what is coming up? I’ll try not too as it appears this is something already in motion!

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Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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