Spain, My Imagination And Manifestation!

Spain, My Imagination And Manifestation!

I find myself watching Ted at a dining room table. He appears to be with his two oldest daughters and they are eating a meal with roasted potatoes, some sort of white meat, bread, and a mixture of vegetables. The middle child is excitingly telling her dad about something at school. She pulls out a report – some sort of account of her progress. He is very pleased. I then see only him with a large pad of paper. He’s sketching a mill with a water wheel. He seems pleased with the picture. His phone rings and his mood changes to sour. He picks it up and answers in a very derogatory tone – from what he says it appears to be his girlfriend.

I watch him a bit longer. He finishes the call, puts away the paper and proceeds into the living room. He pours himself a drink of maybe – brandy? Drinks it, moves to the refrigerator and grabs a beer. He grabs a smoke, a heavy jacket and moves outdoors.

I look over to my right and Hanna appears. She stands next to me and asks if I’m done watching. I ask her – why what else do you have? She laughs and grabs my hand.

We emerge in what looks like Spain. I’ve never been to Spain so I’m not 100% positive – just a sense. We are in a large house – it’s old, very old. Very comfortable and tastefully decorated. I’m walking on a nice tile floor when we enter into a bedroom. Looks to be a teen’s room and there my son as a teenager on the bed drawing. He doesn’t see me but he lifts his head as if he sense’s I’m there and then says – hi mom. What a smart butt. I move over to his bed, I really want to move something – like a ghost – but I can’t. Frustrated I ask Hanna why we’re here. She smiles and says it is a FYI.

Next she takes me to an office. I can tell its my office by the amount of stones and crystals I have around. I see some awards on the wall – they belong to me. Something from the gov’t as an entrepreneur of the year 2017 or something like that. Where the computer should be is gone. There are pictures everywhere of my son and a variety of animals that I do not currently have with me. Some cats, dogs and horses.

The phone rings and I hear Bill pick it up.

Hanna bids her farewell and Merlin arrives. I tell him how nice it is to see him. He asks me to follow him through a door. I do and I am now in the castle – that is the healing center. I am watching me work over someone – I have my healing wand, and there are stones on this person. I am chanting something but I don’t know. Merlin wants me to follow him again and I do – but this time we end up in what I would call a fairy time castle.

I ask where we are and he says inside my imagination. I laugh and tell him that who knows what will show up then. He says that I have to learn to pull my imagination into reality. I don’t understand. Merlin says that imagination is a horrible term. All imagination is an altered reality on the 6th plane of existence. Imagination was a term used by someone who did not believe – and it caught on like a plague of the mind. He says that I have a gift of manifestation – of what I perceive in my imagination can and will because a reality as long as I permit it to come forth. So far I push things off as if “you got to be kidding” and he says that is wrong. I agree – never meant to do that. He highly suggests that I set aside time every day to jot down what it is in my imagination and then to write underneath – I give myself permission to make what I see be as real as the moon and the sun. He wants me to keep a journal of what I “see” and then what manifests. The more of what I see coming true the more I will work on it. He also tells me that I am not working on my moving objects with my mind – but that my telepathically is coming along remarkably well.. My visionary gift is blossoming. I am not to shrug off what I see as speculation.

He then asks me how is my writing coming along. I finished book 2 – waiting for others to do their part. He is happy. Asked if I have started to work on Kyra, my teenage gypsy story. I say no – I’ve put that on the back burner. He shakes his head and says that is a no-no. I tell him – I have no time. He tells me to work on the manifestation, and I’ll be amazed at what I can do. He mentions that things will accelerate even more and that I need to hold on for 2006 as many changes will be swift – some planned but most unexpected. So I need to get my world into order. He winks and he leaves.

With that I’m done.

What a week! My son has pneumonia and we’ve spent every day but Turkey Day at the doctors. Poor kid got two shots on Tuesday and two on Wednesday! But had it not been for the shots – he would of been in the hospital. I went to my mom’s house – solo for Turkey Day and brought home good food for the guys to eat. He’s doing much better today – he’s up playing, eating and his cough is loose. All good signs:)

Raisin – the outdoor cat that isn’t mine – is begging me to come indoors. It is cold-cold-cold here. Last year I brought him up to my office and would keep him during the night to stay warm. But my 3 cats were against it and sprayed everything in sight – all winter. So not to have a repeat, I’m not bring him in. However, I did order him an igloo dog house – good down to 40 below and it should get here soon. It’s been on back order.

All of a sudden my son wants to take flower essence. This was a sudden change of heart. I’m taking some wonderful essences from both Green Hope Farms and Sparkling Lotus – as well as my combo I made from FES. I seem to be hooks on the Red Shisto from GHF. I love the tangy flavor. It’s like my energy can not get enough of it. The RS is actually used as a preservative in the essences and is not a flower essences per say – on it’s own. Any way – his favorite ones at the moment are Bottle Brush (GHF) and Green Zynnia (SL).

I’m working on my information today for the cell phone numerology I’m doing. I have a boat load of stuff due on Monday. Waiting on some answers from the radio show people – I’m trying to get either a Friday or Saturday night time slot. This show will be 1 hr 1 day a week (for now). I’ll be looking for sponsors. So if you know of any alternative health. divination or metaphysical related business that could use some inexpensive advertising – send them my way!

BTW…book two is done:) Just waiting on everyone else to do their part.

Have a great day!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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