Soulful Connections

What is a soulful connection?

It is the intimate connection that not only gives you the warm-fuzzies inside, but pushes you to be the best you can be. Soulful energy_body1connections are not always a happy connection in each life – but they are an important connection.

There are six classifications of a soulful connections. From closest connection to furthest connection: twin flame, soul cluster, soul family, soul group, soul circle, and soul mates.

To explain each connection, I’m going to use eggs as my example. Stay with me, this is the easiest way I have found to distinguish between each soul connection.


Twin flame: Take an egg from a carton. Boil it & half it. Each side of that egg is each other’s twin flame.

Soul Cluster: The closest 2 or 3 eggs (4 to 6 halves) to you in the carton.

Soul Family: The rest of the eggs in the carton (11 eggs = 22 halves)

Soul Group: The cartons of eggs in one shipping crate.

Soul Circle: All the eggs on the farm.

Soul Mate: Ever egg in the soul circle, group, family, cluster, and twin flame. Plus – any eggs that overlap.

If you’re asking yourself, how can they overlap? I’ll explain.

Let’s say Hen A from the Brown Farm found a hole in its coop. She took off for greener pastures and ended up next door at the Miller Farm. The farmer there puts her to work producing eggs. Now all the eggs that Hen A has at the Miller Farm are related to all the eggs she produced at the Brown Farm. Overlap.

A twin flame is a soul mate. But a soul mate is not always a twin flame.

So you see, we have thousands of wonderful, intimate soul connections that are eternal. Isn’t it wonderful? 

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Soulful Connection book due out Sept 2014! 



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