Soul Mates, Soul Cluster And Lessons

Soul Mates, Soul Cluster And Lessons

Soul mates. Sometimes they drive you crazy and other times they comfort you. It’s never one or the other with soul mates as the two are usually brought together for one or both partners to learn a major lesson.

The major lesson is normally the BIG lesson you are to learn in this life. Whether it is self-confidence, making money, showing compassion, love or a hundred other reasons – when two halves come together it is always for an important reason.

Just because the reason or lesson is major important, does not mean though that the soul mates will be together as a couple or long-term. What it does mean is that by being together for whatever short or long period that the time will make a profound change in one or both parties.

A soul cluster member can have the almost the same effect as a soul mate, but it’s not the same. How can I put it, it’s slightly off frequency. Think of a soul cluster member as a radio station slightly out of range as opposed to a soul mate being a radio station coming in loud and clear. The outcome with a soul cluster member is the same as with a soul mate, it just isn’t as energized.

In this life my big lesson is love. Fits that I’m a love/sex coach – doesn’t it? Now that I’m in the profession that I am supposed to be in – now either my soul mate or a member of my soul cluster will come in to help me with this very important lesson. It could be to show me what love is or to show me how much it hurts to love and lose that love. I will not know until they get here – whenever that will be. But I have a sneaky suspicion it’ll be in 2012.

I had thought that it could be someone to which I would have a karmic connection to. But since this is my major life lesson no one but the top dogs (so to speak) will be on hand to help me learn it. That’s actually comforting as I know who the members are in my cluster. Oh to let it be Will. SIGH. A girl can dream 🙂

Speaking of dreams – remember how my dreams have been centered around hotels for years? It shifted several weeks ago – now they are centered around homes. Big homes. In between the shift I had a very vivid dream of a tornado heading right towards my house – and my son and I were trying to round up all the animals before it hit. No matter how much time it took us to find the pets, it never hit us – or I should say I woke up before it could mow us down. After that dream it went from hotels to houses. To me, that means a major shift has occurred.

So yay — I’m prepared and ready.

Now I want to know – what is your big major lesson? What is it that keeps going wrong, time and time again? Or not necessarily wrong, but off kilter?

What is the one area of your life that you keep repeating or that you are afraid to deal with? One area should stand out. That is your major lesson. We all have minor lessons, but the major one will stick out like a sore thumb.

If you do not know what your major lesson is – do yourself a favor and figure it out. Once you have it figured out, the main one who pushes you or helps you with it is either your soul mate or a member of your soul cluster.

Allie 🙂


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