Soul Mates, Love And Creating Meaning!

Soul Mates, Love And Creating Meaning!

I am suffering from one hell of a headache this afternoon. Could be because my son is of school – lol:) They canceled it due to the ice storm. Or it could be because he’s getting sick and he is passing it to me and I’m unable to buy any more of that wondrous cooling tea (to starve off colds) as the store in AZ isn’t carrying it any more 🙁

I had my Sawyer fix last night — all is good:)

DREAMERS has to be just about gutted and revamped. I have a creative weekend ahead of me – providing I can get past the constant “Mom, mom, M-O-M…I NEED you.” Little stinker.

The other night I held the Soul Mate Quest workshop – and despite Skype acting up – it was a good workshop. A question was brought up on how can you tell the difference between an obsession and a soul mate? Too many times people blur the lines. This was my response:

Signs of a obsession:

-Cannot think of anything but that person. Other things in their life suffer because of the lack of attention.
-The object of the obsession does not return the feelings in the same manner to which they are given out.
-A person who is obsessed cannot take no for an answer
-A person who is obsessed cannot breathe without the other person
-Feels that the object of the obsession completes them (and visa versa).

Signs of a soul mate:

-Has a full life. Other activities are enriched by the connection.
-Feelings are returned – almost immediate after physical contact. The soul knows what the human brain does not.
-Soul mates can hear no and they are okay by it.
-Soul mates can function without the other person being attached at the hip (as soul mates are also energetically connected)
-Soul mates are complete person in themselves. They know that the other half compliments them not completes them.

An obsession and a soul mate cannot be one. It’s soulfully impossible.

Obsession are bad no matter if it is a person, place, object, TV show – etc… When you’re obsessed – it removes you completely from the present, disconnects your energy from the Divine and isolates you. Being obsessed also makes you an easy prey for an scams that are out there. I know of a person once who spent over $20,000 on spells, charms – etc…to win a person over. $20,000! A $2.00 card would have worked for soul mate.

Raisin kind of moved in. He’s been a lost cat since GFK died. He spent yesterday and last night in my house, but this morning he and Darin got into it and he was too spooked to stay in. I’m hoping the crappy weather will make him want to come back in – but so far he is no where to be seen.

Now that Feb is here – let me show you what Tracey said would happen in Allie’s romance and career departments:


In January, you will be having many astral sexual experiences. Your sexuality and vital energy is very intense and must be released and you may choose to do so in a creative way by writing about these experiences.

You will be fully awake, aware and receptive to the effects of these experiences as there are instantaneously feelings of sexual intimacy and joy. These are moments that cannot be repeated and are great opportunities to develop and improve your ability to connect to those in your soul group on another level of existence.

These experiences may take you by surprise, perhaps some are in dream state but most are when you are fully, awake, aware and in need of concentrating on perhaps other aspects of your daily life.

These are joy-filled and passionate experiences and will give you more understanding of self and those in your inner circle of Light. These are events that are unique and are important to the success of your overall path not just your romantic life.

Tracey treats all OBE as astral:) And let me say, she was dead on.

You are doing all the right things to attract the income to you that you need to earn at this time. There are some additional ideas that will come to you by month’s end and these can be very lucrative.

You are struggling in some of your work with the public in some way. Know that your recognition for your work is heavenly even if there is some criticism at times. Do not gauge your success by difficult and negative persons.

You have unique and special spiritual abilities and have been given talents that help you to be able to do a spiritual vocation and your true rewards return in way of additional spiritual gifts and divine inspirations, ideas to support you on this path as well as the goodness that you send out into the Universe that returns to you many times over.

It is your responsibility to express the gift you have been given. This is where your responsibility ends. It is up to those on the receiving end to accept the truth that is given or reject it.

Your true vocation is a combination of many of your spiritual gifts. Hang in there as some of this is just temporary for a season.

And may I say she was bang on again. The sex talk radio show and another story idea. The negative person – amen on that – been very difficult indeed. Struggling with my work – yep – trying to get my Allie’s Two Cents, OBE Sex blog and Pillow Talk blogs out there. Hasn’t been easy.

Looking forward to see if what she predicted comes to pass in Feb!

One last thing – about creating meaning in your life.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2004).

The universe runs on a switch with only two positions, on and off. “On” is the material world. “Off” is pure possibility, your source.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Exploring the following 10 conditions is the way you create the meaning of your own life.

1. The deeper you go, the more power is available to change things.

2. Reality flows from more subtle regions to more gross ones.

3. The easiest way to change anything is to first go to the subtlest level of it, which is awareness.

4. Still silence is the beginning of creativity. Once an event starts to vibrate, it has already begun to enter the visible world.

5. Creation proceeds by quantum leaps.

6. The beginning of an event is simultaneously its ending. The two co-arise in the domain of silent awareness.

7. Events unfold in time but are born outside of time.

8. The easiest way to create is in the evolutionary direction.

9. Since possibilities are infinite, evolution never ends.

10. The universe corresponds to the nervous system that is looking at it.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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