Soul Mates, Soul Contracts and Sexual Energy Powder

Soul Mates, Soul Contracts and Sexual Energy Powder

Some fun things going on here at the web site! I am now selling sexual energy, attracting love and confidence gemstone bracelets along with wonderful handmade love cards.

Coming soon to the site: massage oils, sensual soaps, massage oil candles (candles that as they melt become massage oil), honey candles, sexual energy & love attractant sprays/oils and sexual energy drink powder. As things arrive or finally get made by yours truly, I will add to the site and announce in the blog.

With the sexual energy drink powder – I know that plenty of people have asked to sample it. I’m trying to figure out a way for you to take it so that your drink doesn’t taste like chalk. As soon as I can give you a good recipe to put the powder in – I will send the samples out.

Interesting enough I have had two emails in 3 days about soul mates. The main theme about both questions is if your soul mate is alive at the same time as you, does that mean that they two of them will meet in this life?

In short – no.

It all depends on if the two of you had in in your soul agreements to meet up. Many times soul mates agree not to see one another in person during a life so that each of them can learn whatever lessons that need to be mastered. It can even be written in the soul agreement that you not see one another. Sometimes when soul mates have trouble staying away, that provision needs to be put in. So this means no matter what, you two will not meet.

But then on the other hand, if it is written in the soul agreement that you two are to meet – then you will no matter what. It doesn’t matter if one is rich and the other is poor – one well-known and the other unknown. If it is in that agreement – it will happen.

This also pertains to what kind of relationship the two of you will have when you do meet. You could meet in passing, just long enough to say hi or be enemies, friends and yes, even lovers.

But how long will you be together? In the agreement it is worded for a length of time or if/when a particular lesson is learned.

If you want to discover more on your soul agreements/contacts with others, check out Dick Sutphen’s Soul Blueprints MP3. I have this MP3 and it’s opened my mind to why and when for a lot of people.

Have a fabulous Monday!

Allie 🙂


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