Soul Contracts, Soul Mates and Ian!

Soul Contracts, Soul Mates and Ian!

Soul contracts will be the top discussion tonight on the Allie Theiss Show with guest Monte Hamilton. This is the 2nd time Monte will be a guest on my show. The last time he was on, there were questions about what is a soul contract, why we make them and can they be broken.

From what I understand, a soul contract is between yourself and someone whom you want or need to go through an experience with here on Earth. It could be a hard lesson, a simple lesson, maybe just to say HI or for a long-term relationship which could be romantic or not. I don’t think it is just soul mates or twin flames that we have contracts with – it could be anyone of importance. This contract is forged before you take on a human host.

What I am curious to know is if you can get out of – or break – a soul contract? If not, does the universe put the two of you together again and again until that contract and what you two are supposed to do is fulfilled?

What happens if it is broken? Does that mean your soul word means nothing? Can you make a soul contract with someone and then consciously decided not to honor it?


I’m really curious because I know I have soul contracts with Bill and Will. What happens to us three if they cannot be completed?

I do know that whomever it is I am to have a long-term relationship with (which will also be my last long-term) is someone that I have a soul contract.

Hummm…questions, questions, questions….

Make sure you tune in tonight to find out the answers!

I’m also pretty convinced that there are lives where we do not have a soul contract with our soul mate. Meaning – there is no reason for us to run into each other in a particular life, so we do not sign up for it. I assume it is because we all grow at different rates and there will be times when the lessons we need to learn, we need to do so without our better half.

Ian and I have a soul contract – but I don’t know what it is about. I’m hoping it’s a light-hearted one. One where we can at least be friends and not have it be drama-filled. I really am done with drama:)

Is there anyone in your life you feel you have a soul contract with?

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