Something Just Happened…

Something Just Happened…

…and I’m not too sure how to explain this.

I’m in the middle of rewriting “The Black Triangle” and damn – I didn’t think it could get any better nor that I would still get emotional when I read it. But both are happening.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell you. I’m writing and I get the pull to come back and look at the blog. So I did. As soon as I landed on this page, a surge of energy went through the top of my head and into my body. At the same time I became so light headed – that I wasn’t sure I was still in my body. The hairs stood up on my arms – goosebumps covered my body.

I know instinctively that this has to do with Bill. Either he was on this blog the same time as I – or someone close to him was browsing. It was 2:31 pm EDT.

I’ve NEVER had that feeling before. It was such an rush – that all I have to say is “Oh Shit!”

Bill – do you need an engraved invitation on a silver platter?

Crystal Sunshine!

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