Some Insight on Bill!

Some Insight on Bill!

When I’m perplexed (especially about Bill and Ted) I turn to my voice of reason – Cindy. I asked her to give me a low down on what today’s meditation meant for me as I was left after the session feeling more confused than when I went in. This was her response:

Okay, what I am getting about your meditation is that Bill is having lots of success in his business life. There are many engagements that people are trying to pull him into though neither his success or this constant nagging is making him feel happy or fulfilled.

There is someone of the opposite sex (I sense his ex-wife) that has been a significant role in his life, but that he is having a hard time with right now. He feels that there is a lack of faithfulness or loyalty to him and it pisses him off to the max.

He is trying to stay on top of things in his life, trying to keep up with records as advised, but having a hard time hanging onto receipts and things like this.

He wants you in his bed, and he wants to be physically intimate with you. He feels security in this idea.

His mind is being restored and renewed and he is looking to the past (again ex-wife relationship) and realizing that he does want domestic bliss and happiness, peace, but not with her. He feels she was not the right person for him. He feels that she lacked emotional support and stability for him. He needs a strong woman, who has a healthy sense of self, not one who is so self-absorbed and selfish, though he feels that he is guilty of being selfish. He feels poorly for the consequences of the decisions he made about her on some level but he knows that he did the right thing where she is concerned.

He is struggling with lack of intimacy in his life. His friends are not there for him really and he feels cautious and disconnected from everyone and in some way is alienating people so that he can be by himself. He does realize he needs to tone his attitude down a bit but he does not want to do so. He feels like being moody and an ass to others so they will leave him alone. He feels like that is the only way he can get quiet time.

He feels that you have many aspirations, potential and he loves your spiritual self, and your body, mind and spirit, but he is concerned about the love triangle that he keeps seeing in his dreams and visions lately. He is disturbed about Ted and feeling somewhat worried.

He is communicating with you mentally, through the subconscious mind and he feels he made a mistake in disconnecting for a while. He feels distant. He is reconnecting to the union between you through the spiritual realm and he feels like he has been too grounded on the physical realm, reality, and he wants reassurance from you that you are receiving him fully.

I hope this helps.

I told Cindy how amazed I was that she got all of this from my short session. She laughed and replied that the information kept pouring in. She could sense that it was information that I needed to know — now. So she went with the flow!

Needless to say — Bill is back — and boy is he back.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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