The Summer Solstice is a very magical day! All spells cast on the solstice has an excellent intent of coming to pass because of the extra energy. Remember though to have intent & faith.

This solstice is especially keen for love – since it falls on the Friday, the day of love — plus it still falls within the perimeters of a full moon (3 days before, 3 days after) and Mercury Retrograde is over!

Grab a new lover for summer!

Attract A Lover
The Best Time
Cast this spell when the moon is new, waxing or full.
The Best Day
Incense To Use (choose one)
Frankincense, Rosemary
Herbs To Use
Powdered Sugar
Oils To Use
Vanilla Absolute
Candles To Use
One White, One Pink, One Orange
Other Supplies Needed
Three Candleholders, One Fireproof Bowl (non-metal), One Charcoal Block
• Gather supplies
• Carve “Your Name” into the WHITE candle, “Love” into the PINK candle, and “Attraction” into the ORANGE candle.
• Place each candle into your projective hand (right if right
handed – left if left handed) to empower it. Visualize your need; feel the emotions associated with it. Once you can no longer hold the image or feel the emotions, then the energy has moved from you into the candle. Empower “You” into WHITE candle, “Friendship” into the PINK candle, and “Stimulation” into the ORANGE candle.
• Anoint ALL CANDLES with the OIL. Starting in the middle of the candle, perform 9 strokes going up, then again starting in the middle of the candle, do 9 strokes going down. Never rub up and then down in the same motion.
• Roll ALL the candles in the POWDERED SUGAR.
• Place candles in their candleholders.

• Meditate on the desired outcome –clear your mind and focus on what you want to accomplish.
Take the WHITE candle and put it in the middle of your workspace. As you light it, recite:
Here is (your name),
This candle is me.
I am in search of,
True love and life-long mate.
As the fire burns, so burns my spirit.

Take the PINK candle, placing it next to the WHITE candle. As you light it, recite:
The respect and friendship,
I search for
Draws close with this flame.
It burns as does the fire draw,
him/her to me and from me to him/her.

From this moment forward
The love I search for reaches out to me
It holds me,
Caresses me,
Wills me to find it, as I will it to find me.

Finally, take the ORANGE candle and place it next to the WHITE candle. As you light it, recite:

My love feels the pull to find me,
As a nighttime creature flocks to a flame such as this,
The attraction is so great it cannot be resisted,
It draws, it pulls, it attracts,
As it burns, so burns my loves determination to find me.

Meditate on the goal of your love coming to you first as friends, then moving forward with him/her into a loving, committed relationship.

Once that goal has been visualized, the energy work has begun.
Give thanks to the Divine for its aid in this matter.
Let the candles burn down or for at least nine minutes. If you must extinguish the flame, do so with a snuffer as blowing will scatter the energy. Bury the wax.
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