Social Media – Did It Kill The Love Letter?

Social Media – Did It Kill The Love Letter?

Maybe I should ask if technology killed the love letter instead of social media? Most couples I know text each other like it is going out of style. Forget even speaking to one another during the day, let alone writing an actual letter – if they are not banging away on their smartphone keyboards to one another, they are in front of each other (still connected to their cell phones and computer though- only talking to someone else).

Not being officially over the hill yet, I can remember pre-social media and cell phones – when people actually talked to one another, attention spans were lengthy and people took time with one another.

The ‘Daily Express’ did a survey about letter writing:

“A new study has revealed that people are more likely to send a text message or post a ‘Facebook’ message than penning the traditional mail.

According to the study, based on a survey, only nine per cent of the respondents had ever sent a letter and most of those were over 50 — while more than two-thirds prefer to say “I love you” by text.

An additional 24 per cent would rather send an email to express their feelings, while 14 per cent said they would post a message on their lover’s Facebook wall.”

I think the results of this survey are sad to say the least. Romance is an essential part of making a relationship last the long-haul.

A good ole letter, handwritten by you, is more valuable to your partner than anything else you could possibly buy (exception is that engagement ring). So why not through caution to the wind and do something that time, and technology, has forgotten? You may find that you and your partner fall in love all over again!

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