Sleep – My Elusive Little Bitch

Sleep – My Elusive Little Bitch

Sleep, oh how I miss you. Years ago when I wouldn’t sleep, it was because I was worried about something. It’s mornings like this that I wish that was the current cause because worry I can turn off. This I can’t.

What is THIS you ask? Read on…

After my divorce in 2007 I noticed periods of time when I couldn’t sleep. No matter what, there were not a lot of zzzzzzzzz’s happening at night. I wasn’t worried about anything – in fact – I was pretty damn happy. None of it made any sense.

Then I started to notice that things around me were changing during this no sleep phase. Little things, friends leave, friends arrive, new clients, new creative ideas, etc…

I still shrugged it off.

Yet over the last 6 years, the times of no sleep and rapid changes kept increasing. The less I slept, the more things changed.

Finally (yes, I can be a little hard to convince), it dawned on me — transition!

Transitions occur when your energy body raises in frequency. When the energy body increases, new opportunities/people arrive while those that no longer serve the higher vibration drop away.

With Will stepping back (no worries, he’s still around) and Ian 2 stepping in, it is a huge butt shift. It’s no wonder why I’m not sleeping. Something else I discovered is the more you try to resist the changes happening, the harder jolt the transition will be. One way or the other you’ll shift.

The shift also happen to occur when I just started the soul connection book and finished the OBE book. It’s not a surprise. Joshua told me to get that darn book done 🙂

New experiences — I’m pushing the envelop and going outside of my comfort zone. This will be fun people!

For now, sleep will continue to be my elusive bitch while coffee is my new BFF.

Anyone else shifting and transitioning right now? How’s it going?


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