Simply Mind Blowing!

Simply Mind Blowing!

God I love telepathic sex. I really do. To me there’s nothing like it and I remember most – if not all – of what happens. Today with Will was mind blowing. SO much so I had to have an emergency reading with Tracey – just to get my head screwed on straight. Check out my chat about Will with Tracy.

This session of telepathic sex was so real, so vivid, that it was like he was actually here. Now granted, it is usually along though lines – but I found myself physically acting out whatever it was were were doing. If he was kissing me, my mouth moved as if I was kissing him. If he was sucking on my nipple, my body reacted to him sucking on the nipple. I was physically taking my shower, but my energy was in my bedroom. You know at the end of sex you make noises (hopefully you are having a good enough time to do so) because you simply can’t help yourself. This was so physically real, that I found myself doing the same thing. Although consciously, I kept telling myself that Will was not physically there. But my energy and my body didn’t seem to give a damn.

From what Tracey said, this is going to increase in intensity and frequency. Good lord.

I guess once I figured out how to channel his energy into being a muse – he shifted his energy to a more powerful level so that he can be a muse and my lover.

Want to strengthen telepathic sex with your lover? Think of the telepathic connection as an intense day dream — the kind of day dream that you lose track of time with. Do that — and that connection will strengthen!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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