Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

Signs. We all look for them. Once they’re found, we are conditioned to obey them. We look at a sign that says STOP – and we stop. We see a signs on bathroom doors – MEN – WOMEN – and we enter the correct one based on our gender. And when we see the dreaded constructions signs, we automatically curse under our breath (or maybe that’s just me).

Let me tell you a story about a sign…

Nancy was particular about signs – the traditional ones. She obeyed every single one. She was a stickler for them. Nancy was a rule player – no doubt about it. She was introduced to looking for signs, from guides/angels/other entities from her BFF Val. Val talks to her guides and they answer with signs. Signs that Val always takes at face value. If Val asks what job should she take and she asks for an obvious sign, say the number 88, then she’ll know what job to take. Last time she used that sign, she asked if she should take a job with a competitor. Within a 24 hr period she saw the 88 on a police license plate, at a fast food joint, and a bank commercial. She took the job. But Val can’t figure out why her life still is not going the way she wants it to.

Nancy thought she’d give it a try. She asked for an obvious sign to let her know if she should marry her long-time boyfriend. She had doubts about getting married, but she loved him. So she asked for a sign of a dove to see if she should marry him. On her way to work that day, she did see a dove. It landed right in front of her on a garbage truck. She had her answer! They’ll get married.

Fast forward two years after Nancy and her boyfriend married — she was miserable. The marriage thus far had been horrible. She knows she asked for a sign and she got that sign — so why isn’t everything working out?

What Val and Nancy missed in their quest to see signs was the context of the signs. Granted, signs do not come with closed caption. But had Nancy paid attention to where the dove landed – the garbage truck – she would have understood the message was that her marriage to her boyfriend wouldn’t work out well. So why make the dove land at all? Wouldn’t of it been easier not to show her any dove and then she would have gotten the sign not to get married? Well — why logically that makes sense. Her guides knew that she would keep asking for signs until she saw one that she wanted to see that made her right in her decision to marry him. Val, after she took that job with the competitor, had the business raided by the FBI – she was in the back of a FBI car (police car), found out that the business was bilking billions (bank), and since she was charged as an accomplice, the best job she could find after all was said and done, was a manager at Subway (fast food joint).

What’s the message here?

To pay attention to not only the sign you are looking for, but the context in which the sign was found.

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A stop sign is at an intersection – context – you stop your car because if you didn’t you might get in an accident. If a stop sign was hanging on your wall (which is illegal BTW), you wouldn’t stop in front of it every time you walked in your room – right? Why would you stop? Too let the dust bunnies roll over your feet? Hardly.

Context is important.

So the next time you ask your guide for a sign – take the context to which you find that sign into consideration. A guide (or an angel or another otherworldly being) gives you the sign you are looking for – if it is appropriate – but they always add in their on message in where they place the sign.

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