Sickness, Ted's In Trouble, Bill And Will!

Sickness, Ted's In Trouble, Bill And Will!

I finally coughed up that lung yesterday. Yep – it hurt. Went to the doc’s and got some meds – and then came home and slept. I also got a really cool tea package from a client (thanks David) that is a ‘cooling tea’, called XiaSangju: “The symptoms it relieves include sore throats, coughing, headaches, body aches and pains. The basic purpose of the product is to “cleanse” your body, bringing it to a healthier state. ” So I am drinking my tea too like a good girl — and I do feel much better today!

Ted’s in some serious trouble. I can just feel it. Ever since I worked hard to push away the darkness and let the light back in – I can see that he is in a heap of trouble. That vamp of a girlfriend has wormed her way back into his life – more like guilted and stabbed her way back in. God – it’s almost as if he’s trying to kill himself. His self-esteem is at -100, his health – 200 and falling. How many drugs and booze can a person consume before they wind up in the hospital or a body bag? I’m exasperated because I can’t do anything. I can send as much light as I want to – but breaking through that thick sludge is tough. I’m hoping Bill will pull through and help. Better yet – Bill hop on a plane and go see Ted – a face to face. A soul brother to soul brother meeting. It’s long overdue. Of course if Bill understood the use of a phone – I would go over with him. Ted has to make some serious changes or end up 6 feet under.

I had a dream last night where Will introduced Bill and I. Will and I were together for several weeks when he decided to introduce me to Bill. He, I gathered, had talked to Bill about everything and Bill agreed to meet. We arrive at Bill’s house and I’m not sure whether just to say “hi” or hug Bill. He makes it easy by just grabbing me and hugging me. Bill and I go to sit down and talk and Will is waking towards the door. I ask him where he’s going and he says that Bill and I need time to talk. I ask him to please stay – he says no – and for me to call him if I need him for anything but he’s pretty confident that Bill will take good care of me. Bill and Will shake hands and Bill tells Will – thank you — Will leans into Bill and says something – not sure what it is, but obviously it’s about me. Will leaves. Bill and I go to sit down and he pulls out a journal and wants to compare notes. All I can do is stare at him — simply not believing that I was there. And then I said that it was a dream — and woke up. When I woke up I reminded myself not to do that again..fine if I know it’s dream, but stay sleeping you dang goof!

For whatever reason, my email doesn’t want to work today. I have 15 messages waiting to go out in my inbox. So if you are waiting to hear from me….and I haven’t gotten any email today at all. So hopefully when the glitches are fixed everything will flow.

Keen is going well again — if any of you want to chat wit me on Keen, let me know and I’ll send you some free minutes to do so…and Keen connects people worldwide – so it doesn’t matter where you are from.

I had an interesting chat with Tracey the other day about things — I may post the chat or most of the chat tomorrow. She hit on the above areas of Bill, Ted and Will without me saying what I already knew was in the pike. Ted really is in big trouble….

I’ve be giving some serious thought to the books I want to put out in 2008 – for both the OBE sex and the soul mate quest. I’m not sure which one to concentrate on 1st? Or should I try both at the same time?

Back to work I go — have a poop load of stuff to get caught up on:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

PS: I wrote this early Wednesday – but Blogger will not let me post. Sheesh!

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