Sexy Undergarments Make A Difference!

Sexy Undergarments Make A Difference!

For years I have had people say – if you dress sexy, you’ll feel sexy. Problem with me is, anything that is deemed sexy, is off my public wear list. I do not do dresses or heels or sexy hose. Hose is a pain, I’ll kill myself in heels and when I fall on my face, the last thing I want to be wearing is a dress.

So I had an idea — what if I wore sexy undergarments? Would I feel sexier? Does it make a difference on how people respond to me?

I decided to find out!

I bought myself the blue bra and garter set shown in picture —> Blue Bra & Garter Set

…and a set of fishnet stockings.

For two Saturdays in a row I was going to walk downtown Wooster at the same time, same route, same make up and hair. 1st time dressing in my jeans, blue sweat shirt, socks, reg panties & bra and walking shoes. 2nd time, adding the blue bra & garter set, hose and subtracting the reg bra and panties.

I have great energy – and because of that I have people look at me all the time, without them knowing why. They probably think – why in the world am I looking at her? LOL.

Anyways, so a couple of weeks ago I went out for trip 1. Downtown for me is not very far, so I walked it. I felt like me. I walked the same, glanced at cars here and there. Caught some men checking me out. When I got downtown, I turned right onto Liberty and walked down to the library. I smiled and said hi to a couple of people. Nodded at an older man. In the library I turned a few heads. Walking back it was the same thing. Amount of interaction with other people – about 35% of the time.

Yesterday, I went downtown again. This time with the bra, hose and garter. Kept on the socks and shoes – same outerwear.

I felt different almost immediately – I was sexier. Now I know that on the outside I looked exactly the same. But with the way the bra, panties, garter and hose swayed under my clothes — I thought I was keeping a naughty little secret to myself and that made me smile.

I left the house and took the same route. I paid attention with the way I moved and I noticed that I had more shake in that caboose as walked. I rolled with it.

Before I even hit downtown, I noticed at least 10 cars driven by males that looked. A couple of cars with females looked. My normal positive energy had an extra kick to it today!

By the time I got to the library, I had smiled and said hello to at least 10 people – another 5 said hi to me first. In the library, I felt a whole lot of eyes on me. This was uncomfortable, because I’m not used to that much attention at once. Felt odd. I said hi to a few people and a few said hi to me first. Amount of interaction with other people – 75%. A 105% improvement!

What you wear under your street clothes can make a huge difference in how you perceive yourself and then how others see you. I dare you to try it! Go to work wearing a sexy bra and panties – men, how about some silky underwear? Just give it one day and you will see the difference!

Allie 🙂

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