Sexual Energy Blending

Sexual energy, it’s vital to sustaining a loving relationship not only with a partner – but with yourself. Sexual energy stems from our sacral chakra and intertwines with our energy body. Since the sacral chakra vibrates to the color orange, one would think that all of our sexual energy would be orange. Makes logical sense – right? Love stems from our heart chakra – correct? This would mean too that our love energy would also be green/pink the same color as that chakra. Again – seems logical, right?

It’s anything but logical. I found this out when researching our love energy blends.

Each energy portal, or chakra, does indeed regulate that part of our energy body. Sacral chakra regulates how much sexual energy we have, just as the heart chakra regulates how much love we give and receive. What the chakra’s do not do is control how we react to things. How we react to no sexual energy or an abundance of it. How we conduct ourselves when we’re in front of someone who turns us on. Or how our sexual relationships evolve with our partners.

What controls our reactions or non-reactions is our core color. We each have a core color that drives us to live our lives. It’s as unique as an astrological sign based on our time of birth (time – not day – there is a difference). We are, of course, a blend of many colors (just like in astrology many planets), but we have only one core color in this life.

Our core colors have us behave in different ways to our sexual partners. Look at the main core colors with their brief overviews and see which one is the closest description of your sexual style.

What does your color say about you? Your partner? What do you think happens when your two colors merge? Discuss in the comments below!

Red: The passionate of all the colors. Very focused on the physical aspect of sex. Has a tendency to like danger, possible lite violence. Usually all about their pleasure. High sex drive. Scent turns them on.

Orange: High sex drive. Very creative in and out of the bedroom. Is into trying new places, positions, sexual situations. Tends to get bored easy. Will like to learn about energy sex but will not apply it all the time. Only when he or she can creatively integrate it into his or her sex life. Can be turned on to swinging. Taste turns them on.

Yellow: Confident. Knows what he or she likes sexually and will not apologize for their sexual tastes. They are confident in their abilities in the bedroom. Is drawn to exploring energy sex, but only if he or she knows that they can master it. If suggestions are made from the partner for sexual improvement or something new/different, it must be done so that he or she does not feel slighted. Visual stimulation turns them on.

Green or Pink: Gentle, tender, and patient. They are devoted to your pleasure. Will do whatever his or her partner needs in order to be pleased. Tend to forget about his or her own pleasure and instead concentrate on his or her partner. Will work with energy sex if it is to please his or her partner; or if they discover it and want to incorporate it into their sex life as an added bonus. Touch is the magic turn-on.

Blue: Very vocal. Speaks up and tells their partner what they like, what they don’t like, and how to please them. Has a habit of talking during sex. They are truthful and rarely fake an orgasm. They are interested in energy sex, but tend to talk about it more than application. Audio is what turns them on, they love to hear sensations. Talking dirty is something they love.

Indigo: A spiritual soul who works with energy. Sex is more than just physical. They love energy sex and are able to have a balance in their sex life of physical and energy. Loves to learn about new sexual experiences, but does not always put them into practice. Intuition or an inner knowing is what turns them on.

Violet: Is an expert in something (usually spiritual or energy related). They work with energy and have been told that they have a healing touch or vibe. They tend to engage in sex more in the higher realms than physical. Into otherworldly or OBE sex more/same than/as physical sex as they are in the complete understanding that we are all energy and one. Their turn on is Bliss – we are all one.

Check out the Passion Zone podcast i did on Igniting Your Sexual Blend to find out which color is your orgasmic partner.


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