The other day I was talking to a wonderful person about energy. Specifically it was about sexual energy.

I am a firm believer that when you have an active sex life (either with others or with yourself) and are able to orgasm, your energy body strengthens. When the energy body strengthens and shimmers (as I like to call it), abundance and good fortune attracts to you.

Think of it as after you orgasm, you are a magnet for everything good in the world: money, love, power, health, friends, new business, travel, etc…

(and on the flip side – you can attract the bad crap – keep reading to find out how not to do that)

Sexual energy or orgasmic energy has a potent surge to it that cannot be found anywhere else. It does not matter how much you meditate, clean your energy field, work with your energy with strengthening exercises — nothing compares to the energy boast you get during & after an orgasm.


Why is that? Why is orgasmic energy the best you can get?

Because it releases the core or primal nature of who we are. During an orgasm (alone or with someone), all of the human blocks that are in place in our energy on a normal day – dissolve.

Everything drops away and our soul is exposed. That exposure gives us that incredible energy boast. It’s not filtered because there is nothing to filter it through. We are raw.

During and following an orgasm is when our energy is strongest. That is the best time to attract abundance of whatever it is you want to attract – love, money. power, creativity, etc… So it is important where you have your thoughts during this time as you can attract in the opposite of what you want (remember the bad I mentioned above).

Don’t believe me that orgasmic sexual energy increases your energy field and therefore your abundance?

Give it a 7 day trial. Have an orgasm at least 3x during a 7 days week. Take note of your life before the orgasms and in the period 24 hrs after the week is over.

Let me know how it goes for you. I’m interested in hearing a response from you guys!

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  1. Sam

    I agree with most of what your saying. Orgasms clear blockages and give you a big energy boost…but only for awhile (atleast in my case). For me I feel the energy boost maybe for the next 20hrs, but then theres a a big energy drop after one day or so. Sometimes I feel really drained because of sex or masturbation. I’ve actually had to cut down on it because I feel so uncentered for a couple of days after it. If I orgasm on consecutive days it’s even worse. Feels like I’m getting sick or something. Still it passes quite quickly and it’s kinda of a cleansing experience…

    In a way I understand because it is after all energy release when you orgasm, still makes me wonder because it didnt always effect me so much.

    How do you see some of the spiritual teachings that tell us to channel that primal sexual energy to the higher chakras as a way to reach more enlightened states of being? Are we settling for less when we release it through sexual acts?

    1. Hi Sam!

      I’m glad of part of what I said resonated with you. I think that we are all on a personal path and through this path we have awareness that is perceived based on our physical existence.

      My belief is if you expend energy with an orgasm, you strengthen the whole energy field. If you channel the energy to an upper chakra and expend it there – you strengthen that chakra only.

      You feel uncentered, in my opinion, is because your physical body is trying to cope with the higher frequency of your energy field – brought on by a sexual release. If we make changes to our energy field (strengthen or weaken) our physical bodies will react. It can’t help to do so since our energy body surrounds our physical body.

      If you find that you are out of balance, decrease the amount of orgasms and slowly work your way up. For example – for 2 weeks – have 2 orgasms a week. Next 2 weeks, have 3 orgasms. For the next 2 weeks, have 4 orgasms – and so forth. Giving your body time to adjust to the higher frequency may be what you need.

      And yes, the energy only stays high after an orgasm for so long. So that is why if you are going to use it to attract something or someone into your life, you use the energy soon after enhancing it.

      Hope this helps!

      Take care,

      Allie 🙂

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