Sexual Attraction Spell

Sexual Attraction Spell

Now that Mercury is direct – it’s time to get busy with some magic.

Want to be a sexual magnet?

Mix together equal parts of male fern, High John the Conqueror root, orris root and cinnamon.

Place them in a red sachet or cloth.

Store the sachet with the clothes you will wear to go out.

When you wear the clothes, you will radiate sexuality!

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  1. Allie

    It will work well with either – but dried will last longer in the sachet without getting moldy.

    So it all depends on how often you want to change the herbs out.

    Good luck!

    CS – Allie 😉

  2. Leonard


    Please help me understand the following preparation. It is a formula as providing a fragrance almost exactly to “Ruthvah”. It a favourite anointing oil often used for sexual attraction.

    I’m not sure if the items are herbs or oils. Please help me understand what are these.

    * 2 gm musk ambrette
    * 3 gm civet
    * 3 gm galbanum
    * 6 gm Mineral oil

    These to be beaten together in a mortar and pestle until an even consistency is obtained, (this may take two or three days). If a clear liquid is required this may then be filtered but the fragrance is stronger if the whole is retained.

  3. Allie

    Well, they are a combo of both:

    1) musk ambrette & Mineral oil are – oil

    2) civet & galbanum – are herbs. Galbanum is a gum resin. But civet is also an animal who is killed and parts of the animal is used in spells for sexual attraction.

    Good luck with this!

    CS – Allie 🙂

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