Sex, The 1920's And Astral Travel!

Sex, The 1920's And Astral Travel!

My husband’s surgery is set for Tuesday. Fingers crossed he’s not at stage 4 cancer which is what his doctor’s fear. Finger’s crossed……..

Now, on to something that puts a smile on my face…..astral travel. I had the coolest experience today. No matter how many times I astral travel , I can never get used to my stomach dropping right before my astral body separates from my physical body. Today when it happened, I got a flash of a headache during the separation, but once apart- the headache stayed in my physical body. So here I am standing on my office, looking around and I’m thinking to myself – where do I want to go? I decided that I wanted to go back to the 1920’s and watch me. Bill and Ted. In a flash I was there.

Robert McCormick….that name was the 1st that popped into my head as soon as my astral self landed on a street in NYC. I saw a newspaper and it was August 15, 1928. I see me (Sheila) in the backseat of a car with Nick (Bill). Since I know in this life I am married to Ted (Frank), I have no clue as to why I am in a car with Nick (besides me having an affair with him). I look relatively happy – Nick looks stressed. But he keeps looking in my astral direction – almost as if he could see me. The car pulls over and he and I get out. We go into an alley and into a back door that was guarded. Down stairs and into a basement. Nick moves a can and a door opens. We go into a back gaming room – there are a handful of men and women in here. We sit at a table — Will is at the table but Nick calls him Bob. So now I know who is Robert McCormick…..Will. Bob checks out me/Sheila from head to toe and she/I seem very put off by the attention.

It’s a game of poker over a stash of booze that was stolen from a bunch of run runners. The game is going on and me/Sheila gets up and moves to a mirror. I (astral me) decides to try something…..I put myself into the mirror. She/I look in the mirror and she much she me — but the look of “holy shit” was on her/my face. As soon as this happened I was yanked back to my body where my headache was waiting for me. And that headache is still with me.

I want to try to go back another day into this time and learn more — especially about Bob/Will.

For those of you with pets and in case you did not know — there is a MAJOR pet food recall (49 different brands)…including Iams products. Check out the list of foods here: there are pets dying from this — so make sure you check and pass it on to other pet owners.

I’ve decided that my next two projects after the dreamer’s book is finally at press is a non-fiction book on astral sex and an erotic astral sex novel. I think that I may do the novel 1st. Not sure yet…..

And I’m going to add a page to the web site about astral/dream/telepathic sex.

Plus I have also decided to get certified to be a Past Life Regressionist.

I know — I know…have I come up with a way to stretch time? No. This won’t be all this year…..:)

And on that note — I want to go to bed.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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