Sex, Sex And More Sex!

Sex, Sex And More Sex!

Sex, sex, sex and more sex. If I’m not working on a project or dealing with my son — this is exactly where my mind goes. Of course it probably doesn’t help that I write about sex for a living either – LOL.

Bill and Ted. Good golly Miss Molly. Their presence is so there that it takes all I have sometimes not to slip into a telepathic sex encounter.

Like anyone else into metaphysical stuff, I like to get confirmations of my feelings/premonitions/psychic visions/experiences. I had to ask my friend Tracy to give me her input on Bill and Ted as every fiber of my being tells me that they know what is going on during the telepathic and dream sex – just as I. What can I say – I like readings – and Tracey confirmed things I already knew (which is a nice thing).

We see that Bill has absolutely no control over his sexual thoughts, visions and urges and you are literally sexually on his mind continually. He is trying to focus his mind elsewhere but the more he tries not to think of the telepathic/dream sex encounters the more he thinks of them and it seems they can come up at the most inopportune times for him. He is finding himself having constant sexual thoughts. He cannot seem to stop the strong sexual influence that these encounters are having upon him. He is transmitting energy towards you and it is very strong and his emotions are up and down and his sexual urges are constant. His thoughts are so erotic and he keeps seeing scenes in his mind and he has to satisfy himself, relief or pleasure himself if you will in order to gain some amount of relief. The visions are very intense. When he has the encounters he feels very tired as if he has just had a sexual encounter. He feels very vulnerable right now and very connected to you in a way that he cannot really describe though he is writing about it. The feelings that are coming over him are very powerful and the sexual encounters very real.

Ted is experiencing similar issues with his sexual thoughts and urges except that he is so sensitive that he experiences orgasms at the time of the encounters almost always and sometimes when he thinks of the experiences. He is experiencing some serious urgings and longings for you though not just sexually. These are emotional, mental, physical and so much deeper and more intense than they have been in the past. He is so sensitive in a sexual way that he has great sensitivity in his groin area – is very sensitive to touch and is finding himself having different sex partners trying to relieve some of his extra sexual energy and sensitivity. He is having a sexual peak in his life, and he is enjoying the feelings and sensations, but he longs for you.

If I had a partner right now – they would honestly be the luckiest, but tired, person on the planet. I’m a physical person, I need to channel my sexual energy somewhere on someone.

I have so many people tell me that I live in a fantasy world, that these experiences are all in my head. HA! To that I should introduce them to the tons of people who say that the same has happened to them — and now they know they’re not crazy:)

An FYI – I put my skills to work to help other’s uncover if their partner is telling the truth: check it out….pass it on to your friends.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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