So I have no physical sex life — that’s okay. That’s why the almighty divine gave me a job where I can test sex toys. I’m half tempted to slip a ring on my Rock Chick. We make a great couple and it’s always hard and ready when I want it.

Which brings me to the next topic — out of body ecstasy sex. This I get plenty of – in fact — maybe more than I should. Nix that — you can’t ever have too much sex – no matter what kind it is.

I’ve been asked about how can I remember so much about what happens? I’ve trained myself to remember. It’s taken years to get this far and I still have a long way to go. But with each little step I’m getting there. And with each fragment that I can remember, only serves to spur on my heightened physical response. So the more I remember, the longer I can take my physical response. For instance — if during a telepathic sex encounter with Bill – it is so explosive that an orgasm is the result. If I remember the encounter, after it’s over I can launch into another sexually satisfying experience either with myself or if I had a partner with them. When you remember in such detail – you relive – and when you relive, you can experience pleasure all over again.

I’m actually trying not to remember very much about Bill and I’s dream sexencounter last night. Because as I just said – recounting is reliving and with reliving — well — I have to much work to get done today!

Any ways…..

Bill and I are in a hotel room – my feel is that it’s at The Four Seasons in NYC. It’s winter outside because we are shedding some serious layers. I have my lap top and I start it up. He gets us 2 drinks. As he has his back to me — I say: In our obe encounters, the kisses were always so — energized. I wonder if that’s what it’s like in real life? He stops what he’s doing, turns and gives me that dork grin that is so damn sexy and says — maybe we should find out.

As soon as our lips touch it was like fireworks went off. The kiss was incredible. He pulls back a touch. I take my tongue and run it over the outside of his lips — and go in search of his tongue. His groan was all it took to spur me on. As a flurry or deep passionate kisses followed, in the midst of it all I mentioned that we have a lot of notes to cover. As he takes off my sweater and bra – he tells that we’ll get to that later and quit multi-tasking. Laughing like a couple of high school kids we fall back on the king size bed.

I can’t even begin to describe what his naked body feel like against mine. I would akin it to the superb feeling of how great cold, homemade lemonade tastes on a sweltering day.

He wanted to be on top of me, but instead I tried to roll him on his back. He goes to say — stop trying, I’m stronger than you. That’s when I used my legs (they are very strong in real life – BTW) to get what I want — and I rolled him on his back.

The shock on his face said it all — I tell him that if I put my mind to it —-

My left fingertips lightly glide over Bill’s right arm as I nibble on his neck. It was as if his nerves were on the outside of his skin – just by pure touch he was so turned on that if a string wind came through — I feared this would be over in a jiffy. I slide my hands down his body as my tongue flicked at his chest. Resting on his right nipple, I asked how hard could I suck. He answered by grabbing the back of my head. Appeared that he enjoyed having his nipples teased and sucked on as much as I do. Not wanting to appear rude, I moved over to his other nipple to let it join into our fun.

For some reason I couldn’t get enough of his chest and stomach. I kept kissing and nipping at them.

Straddling him, I pushed down on his chest. My face hovering above his chest hair — for some reason, I can’t seam to get close enough. I poke at his chest. Your body’s in the way — I want to get deeper. He said – that can be arranged. I know — but I just love this body of yours.

Come up here – Bill said.

Our lips meet and that’s when I can feel him shift into an energy source. I was about to say – damn it – when I shifted to. In that split second when our energies merged — I can still hear (hours later) the pure pleasure we both experienced.

I woke up. Felt myself — yep — soaked. Smiled and went back to sleep until my alarm went off.

The dream sexencounter is so vivid that just recalling it — well — makes me want to skip work for awhile.

Now if the L Word would just let me write for them — I could add a whole new dimension to their show:) Not to mention that new HBO show that deals with women and their sexuality – Tell Me You Love Me — I’d be perfect to write for that too:)

One can dream – can’t they?

Speaking of dreaming – my Gypsy Magic for the Dreamer’s Soul is FINALLY at the printers. In it are spells for OBE sex, erotic dreams and more. My favorite out of the 4 books!

Have an erotic day!

Allie 😉

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