Sex Saves The Day Well – The Dream!

Sex Saves The Day Well – The Dream!

The scene was very foreboding. The air was dense, yet blind-fully dark. Will and I were right in the middle of a dream visit – some may call it a nightmare, but as long as we’re together – I don’t consider it a nightmare, regardless what is going on. I wrote more (well, will write as it’s not posted yet) in Allie’s Two Cents about what brought Will and I up to this point where the dream sex started. So if you’re interested, go take a look.

It’s difficult to breathe in the cave. I’m up on a rock, hip height to Will. We can hear people screaming in terror and this hideous loud swishing sound from all around us. Somehow we are trying to get aroused to have sex. Usually all you have to do is flip a switch, per say, and we’re “on”. But this is difficult as I can feel our hearts racing a million miles per hour and anxiety is permeating our bodies. Will puts his mouth near my ear and tells me to close my eyes, he wants me to remember something. He goes on to tell me about the time we were running through the rain and the thunder was so loud we could barely hear ourselves think. The air was crisp, it was early spring. His hands reached up under my shirt and unsnapped by bra. My hands went to his jeans and popped them over. His fingers skillfully play with my nipples. My tongue explores his neck. Every so often he would stop the story and ask – do you remember? I always say yes. His hands wonder all over my body and my hands grab his cock. Slowly but surely, we are getting turned on — as long as we stay in the memory we’re fine.

Our breaths get increasingly rapid as we recount our time in front of a cabin’s fireplace – with the storm raging outside. WIth ebery up, down motion of my hand on his cock, he was getting harder – his fingers played with my clit, but I begged him to finger me. We knew we couldn’t dilly daily in our memories or in the bliss of our foreplay. I gasp as Will enters me, my legs wrap around his was it, his hand held secure on my back side. We’re deep into the pure erotic sensation of that day in the cabin: him on the floor, on a faux bear skin rug, me on straddling him – the pure energy that was derived from my up and down motions. That same energy was concentrated into Will’s thrusts.

The energy built up around us, we could feel the air getting lighter. Faster he thrusts, harder I hold on, not wanting to miss a second of this pleasure. When the orgasmic bliss over took us – our calls of easy echoed off the cave’s walls, drrowning out any commotion from the outside world.

With our energy at an all time high – we dressed, kissed and headed back out into the chaos.

And the rest of the dream went on from here….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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