Is Sex Important?

Is Sex Important?

Sure it is! If it wasn’t; Viagra, sexual affairs and divorce wouldn’t be so popular. But you would be amazed on how many people write off sex as a useless activity!

Life is busy, overscheduled, and stressful making it so that you may not always be up for sex. However if you don’t use your sex drive, guess what? You lose it! This is according to leading sexpert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. When sex takes a back seat to all else in your life, your health suffers, bad luck appears to be attracted to you and your stress level is off the charts. Why is that? It’s simple – because your energy body is depleted of its strength, thereby allowing negativity to eat away at your physical body and mind. By putting sex as an important part of your life your energy increases, your stress level decreases and all else seems to fall into place.

But who has the time for an active sexual life? You, that’s who! We all have 24 hrs in a day, and not everyone is finding it difficult to have sex with themselves, or with a partner. It’s not the quantity of time, it’s the quality of time. We all make time for things that are important to us.

There’s 3 simple ways to add sex back into your life:

1. Grab a calender.

2. Look at your upcoming week and prioritize what needs done. Anything marked #5 and over isn’t very important, it can wait.

3. Schedule sex in for your least hectic day.

Is scheduling sex romantic? No. But you’ll find that they more and more you or you and your partner have scheduled sex, the greater your sex drive. Then the greater your sex drive, the more likely that sex won’t need to be scheduled…it’ll be spontaneous!


Allie 🙂

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