Sex On The First Date?

Sex On The First Date?

The Amore Workshop was great last night. The group had some great ideas to add to my list of how to take a first date to a second one and beyond.

One topic that was a hot button last night was whether or not to have sex on the first date. Rule of thumb (so to speak) is that you delay having sex on the first date. Why? Because if you’ve already sampled the goodies, how much effort will you put into getting to actually know the other person?

Some argued the point that you’ll know if they’re any good or not. If they’re not – you move on with no wasted time under your belt (pun intended). That’s true to a degree – but – and it’s a big but….people are trainable.

Yes, people are trainable. But you have to gibe him or her time to know what you like and don’t like. On a first date there isn’t that time. If you dump them after sleeping with them right away you’ll never know what the relationship could have been. If he or she was even the type of person you would want to know about all of your “hot” zones. There are people who seem great at first, but the more you know them the less you like them. Then you think — and I slept with him/her on date one? What was a drinking?

Plus, if sex is to be had on the first date, then each date afterwards will become less of a “date” and more into a sex session.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sex. A healthy sex life is crucial to all over well-being. It’s just a better idea to wait until at least date 3.

Something to think about today…:)

I’m taking a break from the Amore Workshops over the summer – back again on Sept 12th. I would love to hear you love, relationship and sex topic suggestions for future workshops. Email me!

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