Sex, Dreams And Soul Mates!

Sex, Dreams And Soul Mates!

My sleep wasn’t too bad last night. I woke up a couple of times, but not near the amount as the past two weeks. So that was a piece of good news. I had a dream visit with Bill too last night that I can remember. We are at a party (seems to be a running theme with him and I) and I sit down and start talking to him about sex. At first he’s shy, rather boyish and coy — face turns a nice shade of red. I’m asking him that if one doesn’t have sex for a prolonged period of time, do things still work like they should when you do have sex again? Or is the whole process rusty and unsatisfied the first time in a long time? He chuckles and shrugs — I guess you’re right. Do you know this from experience? Now his face is beat red — well, he stammers, and motions with his hands — then puts his face in his hands. Another man walks up and asks what I’m doing to poor Bill that he is beyond embarrassed. Then I’m asked how long has it been for me. I reply 3 years — but that’s soon to change.

I get up and tell someone where the bathroom is (amazing I didn’t have to go) and find my friend Linda in the kitchen. We’re talking about Bill and Ted. I tell her that I’m taking Bill. She says well that leaves Ted and he’s not my type. I go on to tell her about two dreams that I’ve had with her and Ted being a couple (which I have had). She crinkles her nose. I’m like – you’re right he’s not your type. I can’t give you Bill I say — and I can’t give you Ted either. She leans on the counter and asks me — so what are you going to do? I guess not get much sleep:) We both laugh.

Then I wake up.

SO! I went to sleep wondering why I can’t sleep and asked for some insight. This is what I remember. The problem with my sleeping, besides a shift/world event is that I’m visiting both men every night. I must be waking up briefly after every visit. Well damn. I should of known that these two had to be behind it somehow. But I must admit — I would rather have this then to be without one or both of them. But at least now I know part of the why of not sleeping and I can take some flower essences to help with the edginess. I love it when I figure something out — even if it is just a small piece of the puzzle.

Ahhh–I just remembered the part that came before me talking to Bill about sex. I’m in a dinning room/kitchen area with Bill, Ted, Clive and a few others when I hear this song on the radio that was God-awful. I recognize Clive’s voice as the singer. We are all cringing, but trying to tell him that it’s a great song. It was a remake of a song form the 70’s — but the name escapes me.

The last several weeks I have kept having the same vision, a few times a day — I dismissed it (you think I would learn) but it will not leave my 3rd eye. Here it is:

I’m in London with my business partner. We are celebrating at a pub with a group of people – either it’s a company launch party or maybe a campaign launch – I don’t know. But spirits are high and we are all having a good time. There’s a guy with a camera there that we keep hamming up to. I get a chill through my body and it’s an intense one. I stop what I’m doing and look around. And there I spot them – Bill and Ted, each with a pint of ale, staring at me. Not quite believing what they see and by the look on my face, I’m mirroring that look.

Then the vision stops. No matter how hard I try to push it to go further it won’t. I guess time will tell – either something like this will happen, or I’ll get another piece of the puzzle. I also keep getting a vision with Ted surrounded by balloons. I might have an idea on that one – but I’m not 100% on that.

On that note – back to work I go. Oh — I have on the site the ability to purchase an email reading to be done next week. Just go to the main site for more info:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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