Sex and creativity go hand in hand. Without one the other sinks faster than your last relationship.


Because they are intertwined within the same energy stream.

And you need both sex and creativity, not to mention abundance and well-being – which are too included within the same energy stream.

Before I talk more about the energy stream, I want to address sexual creativity.

You need to be creative in your sex life. Creativity is not limited to writing the next book, painting the perfect abstract, or piecing together your next business offering.

Creativity in the bedroom helps keep the passion alive. Even if you are currently single, infusing yourself with passion flows out to all other areas of your life. Do you like to eat the same foods every evening? Wear the same outfit every day?

Do I hear some nos?

Why settle for the missionary position every single time on the bed right before you fall asleep?

Snooze button please!

Mix it up doggy-style over the recliner in the living room. How about making out in the front seat of the car?

Single? How about a new sex toy — mix it up with dildo instead of a vibrator?What about a new erotic focus? Or try OBE sex?

The possibilities are endless. But you have to want to be creative in your sex life.

And of course you’re going to want to have sex in the first place.

I know — who wouldn’t want an orgasm? Who wouldn’t want to be intimate with their partner?

If your orange energy is low or worse yet empty like the dry faucet at the beginning of “Under the Tuscon Sun” – it’s not good.

Both women and men have problems with orange energy. However, in 90% of the women I have helped turn their energy around – the orange energy was either very slow moving or blocked off. That puts a hell of a damper on a relationship if the desire for sex is not present. Don’t believe me? Just ask the person who wants sex and is not getting it.

Be creative in and out of the bedroom. You’ll attract abundance and feel fantastic!

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