Sex And The Self-Satisfied Way!

Sex And The Self-Satisfied Way!

Sex, sex, sex…….it’s something that people try to live without, but really – who can actually do that and be happy? There’s so much more to sex than the physical act. It’s a spiritual experience that strengthens your energy field. You can see people who have fulfilling sex lives – they are happier and they are not sick very often. Now a fulfilling sex life can include a partner or can be solo exploration. But even with solo fun you have to focus in on someone to get the release. OBE sex helps well with this cause. And I thank my lucky stars every day for it:)

A dream visit turned into dream sex last night – Will and I were fighting about where I should live. It was a heated fight too – both of us were yelling at one another. I grabbed a set of keys (I assume they were car keys) and stormed off towards the front door. I heard him say – oh no you don’t. He’s grabbing my hand and prying the keys from my hand. I’m screaming at him to get the @uck out of my way. Without warning he slams me up against the foyer wall and kisses me. I can remember keeping my lips tight together so not to kiss him – but really – what was I thinking? The next second we’re making out like to horny hound dogs. I know I started the dream with clothes – and how they came off so quickly is a mystery to me. But I’m against the wall and Will’s mouth is all over me – my left ear, the side of my neck — on my left breast – and then the nipple while his right hand moved from my right breast to between my legs. Then we both heard a bang. Will said “God @amn it”. And he was gone — and I woke up.

Needless to say – I had to finish what he started.

Damn that man….but I am one energetic person today!

On a separate yet equal note – I’m starting a sex radio show (yes, it will include OBE sex) at the mid Feb. Stay tuned for more info!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Allie

    One would hope:) Then he could jump on a flight, land at the Akron-Canton airport, take 77 S to 30 W ( I think west — but it’s towards Massilon), get off at Madison Ave and there you go – you’re in Wooster. And only 5 min from me:)

    CS – Allie:)

  2. CA

    Well, girlfriend….between you, me, Tracey and a few of your other “intuitive” friends…we’ll just manifest his fine lookin’ backside up to you in no time at all! (Pictures….don’t forget to send me pictures!)


  3. Allie

    You may get pictures but the naughty images will be blacked out – lol!

    I’ll take his fine looking backside, frontside and that Southern drawl:) Plus, his blue eyes are just a slice of heaven:)

    CS – Allie 🙂

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