Energy and sex. The two are intertwined not only at a soul level but a cosmic level as well. In my post Sharing Intimate Energy, I talked about how important it is who shares your intimate energy. Every person you talk to, hug, & even give a kiss on the cheek there is an energy exchange. Having physical or OBE sex with another – WHOA – it’s a hell of an energy exchange.

With an energy exchange, you take some of their energy (and the energy of everyone they’ve ever had an energy exchange with) and they take a piece of your energy and everyone you’ve had an exchange with.

It’s a WHOA – seriously it is. 

Which is why I wrote a follow-up blog post about Cleaning Intimate Energy.

But who here has considered the ramification about the energy exchange that happens via sex and aural energy online? Or on a cell phone?

I know I didn’t. I don’t know WHY I never considered it, I just never did.

Until I started to help a client named Louise (story used with her permission – but name has been changed).

Louise had a fire within her. She was vibrant and a true go-getter. She had everything she wanted but that one elusive love. She worked a lot and didn’t want to hang out at bars or go to single’s events. So what did she do? She joined an online dating service.

Through many false starts and bummed first dates, she finally met someone who made her heart sing – his name was George (name changed). George lived across the country.

They spend their time getting to know one another. Skype, IM chats, email, texts, and phone calls. Each one an energy exchange on its own. How? Because everything is energy and energy is everywhere. Technology makes no difference.

But then they started to become more intimate together on Skype, phone, and text. Sexting is how they made it through the day until they could “see” each other that evening. It would have not been unheard of to have hours of Skype sex. Watching each other masturbate, play with sex toys, orgasm together.

Louise should have been feeling wonderful. But she wasn’t. She was feeling tired, drained, & finding herself slipping into a depression. Her mood swings were unreal. Work & family even went so far to wonder if she started taking drugs – she was acting that much out of character.

She thought it was because she was missing him so very much. That she ached for him.

Then they finally met. That is when she discovered he has had a string of lovers, a couple of them very mentally unstable. She also discovered he was on medication for bi-polar.  Not that there was anything wrong with him and his bi-polar or his past lovers.

What was wrong is that through George’s past loves and his current bi-polar all that unhealthy energy repeated bombarded her energy, breaking it up – making it spiking – unhealthy.

There were a few other items she discovered that squashed her feelings for George. They broke up.

That’s when she sought me out. Her aural energy was unbalanced, fragmented, unhealthy. Six months later her energy was balanced and found the right guy.

And it all started with sex and aural energy online.

Online relationships contribute (and take away) to your energy field. Be consciously aware how you feel – if you begin to get in a funk without a good reason why. Examine your energy and who you are sharing it with.

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