Kissing – good lord how I love it. Kissing can make or break a first date. It can also be the turning point of okay sex and holy-hell-curl-my-toes-sex.

Kissing stimulates the senses of touch, taste, and smell and inspires strong emotions. In the Kama Sutra, kissing is recognized as an art form. Normally when someone thinks of a kiss, they immediately go to the lips. A sensual kiss on the lips is wonderful way to curl your partner’s toes.

But kissing the body is a sure fire way to make your partner melt in your hands. Kiss close to the genitalia such as along the inner thighs, and you will have them exactly where you want them.

According to the Kama Sutra (and Anne Hooper), there are 4 types of kisses, appropriate for different parts of the body:

  • Moderate kisses – these kisses are measured without too much intensity, such as a tender kiss on the back or a nipping progression up the spine.
  • Contracted kisses – these little stucco kisses are demonstrated by applying your lips to the skin, then quickly pull away in a playful. affectionate manner. A good place to lavish these kisses is on your partner’s butt or inner thighs.
  • Pressed kisses – these kisses are applied by you placing gentle pressure, while holding your mouth on your partner’s body for a moment. Make it feel as if you are almost reluctant to withdraw your lips. Good places to apply these kisses are on the hands, feet, arms, calves and genitals.
  • Soft kisses – these kisses are the most tender, gentle kiss you can give, as all you do is brush your partner’s skin with your lips. It may be “just” a brush, but that simple brush can make them yours. Lavish these kisses on the sensitive areas such as the neck, throat, moving down to the chest – breasts, belly and of course – teasing the genitals.
A kiss maybe just a kiss in the movies, but in real life it can set the mood, draw your partner in, and help make the intimate connection that much more special!

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