Semester Over, Updates and The Guys!

Semester Over, Updates and The Guys!

What a semester — let me tell you. It didn’t kill me so I must be stronger – right? That’s what I’m thinking anyways:) Glad it’s over. I go back Jan 10th. This time though I only have to drive to Akron on Tues & Thurs. That makes me happy:) And I’m taking a class on Egyptology — something else that makes me smile.

I’ll be able to keep up on all the blogs and the podcast – yay! I’ll do an updated Ask Allie on Monday.

Speaking of blogs I did get The Movement blog up and running as well as the twitter feed and Facebook page. I left them all in capable hands!

So what’s going on with you guys? The blog has been quiet. Not only from me — but when I do post — from you guys. Odd. It appears you all comment the most when I post about the guys. Any of them:)

I have started purposely connecting to each guy daily – just to say hi and to send love. It wasn’t my idea. Brigit came back and suggested that I do it. Seeing that I haven’t communicated with her in over 2 years, I figured that this request must be important.  So far the status of the guys: Bill – in love, Ted – heartbroken, Will – curious about things he can’t see, George – happy, Vincent – miserable, Thomas – he’s good, tired…but good, Todd – exhausted, upset…just there and Rick – he has a longing inside he can’t quench.

Rick and Todd both have friends who are terminally ill. That’s taking a toll on them. Todd wants to make changes in his life but doesn’t know what to do. He feels stuck. Rick knows that there is something missing in his life — but he doesn’t have a clue what it is. He has more of a feeling that it is a who then a what. He is seeking spiritual counsel to work though it. That’s what Todd needs as well, but at least for now he won’t do it.

Bill finally has found someone to love and who loves him for being him. I hope them well and that she is everything he hopes she is. Ted — poor soul. The she-devil broke his heart. I’d like to bitch-slap her — but I guess that isn’t to spiritual now – is it? I can’t tell if he’s checked into a Rehab Clinic or not — I sure hope so. His drinking and drug use was getting out of control.

Scrappy Doodle or as I call him – The Doodles – is now basically in my house. I say basically because he still likes to go out to eat his food on the porch and visit the neighbor. But he spends every night indoors and he’s never outside longer than 30 min. After Orange Kitty died I couldn’t bare the thought of anything happening to him. He and Darin compete for my attention. If they’re not trying to see who can make it to my lap first – then it’s Doodles behind my laptop and Darin beside it.

Rick just came to me and said that I was going to start my sessions again — but this time my focus is he and Todd and not Bill and Ted. No more big tree he said. LOL. I reminded him it’s not up to me on who is there and who is not. Rick wants me to remember our past lives. Any of them. He said that if I could remember so many lives with Bill and Ted that I should be able to go back for him. I’ll try this weekend and see what happens.

I actually have a couple of past life regression MP3’s that I bought from Dick Sutphen – you know the guy I mention on my podcast who I can never pronounce his last name. I always switch the “u” with the “t”. Anyways – I’ve bought stuff from him for years and years. Love his recordings.

In the past when I’ve tried to concentrate just on Todd I haven’t had a problem. But when I concentrate on Rick – Ted shows up. He steps in front of the image. Very rude in the cute territorial sort of way.

Have a wonderful rest of your Friday:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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